Open your heart to Love.
The path of awakened heart is
living in aliveness and total acceptance.

“Doesn’t everything that exists have love as its soul?
Except for love, nothing you see will forever remain.” ~ Rumi

TANTRA means “yes” … embracing life to the fullest, within yourself and in intimacy with others, with existence itself. It teaches that everything has to be approached and experienced with consciousness, sacredness and embracing love as a spiritual path.

TANTRA: PATH TO SACRED LOVE is dedicated to awakening all of your life energy for your inner and outer transformation, using a combination of tantric and yogic practices with teachings, techniques, energy & somatic practices, meditation, self enquiry, psycho-spiritual modalities, massages, movement and more.

Private tantra coaching sessions are for both men and women, utilizing various tantric techniques and embodiment methods to help you understand and transform your limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior and move you beautifully into integrating new conscious healing and awakening processes into your body.
Tantra training programs are curated so that people interested in Tantra, Spirituality, Conscious Love, Intimate Relationship and Sacred Sexuality can meet, continue the Tantric practice that they have learnt to grow and support each other on this path of sacred love and higher consciousness.


“Her petite yet strong frame carries an energy that only the one who feels & believes in her realises how powerful she is…”
“If it weren’t for our sessions with Christina, I really don’t know if I would still have my relationship because we were so entrenched in the roles we were playing out–to the detriment of the deep love we have for each other…The first thing Christina taught us is that Tantra starts in the heart, in love, gratitude and honoring for the other person…”
“She made the environment conducive and safe enough for me to unchain myself… With this feeling and energy, I was able to transmit it to my wife too and today my sex life is fantastic with my wife…”
“…I’m glad I have made this move to explore the art of Tantra where you will realize that it is another level to humanity.”