In awakening your feminine essence, you will learn to experience and embrace the full potential of your inner divine feminine (Shakti) energy. You will discover your feminine rhythm that brings you even more to your true nature as you establish the connection to your womb. Combining the power of sound, movement, and mindfulness, this inner journey of nurturing, healing, and exploring the feminine nature, blends Tantra philosophy, pelvic-opening movement, womb meditations, breathwork, visualizations, and self-inquiry questions.

Part I: Letting the Shakti Lead
We realize that everything that appears in our meditation – every single thing – is manifestations of the underlying energy – is pure Shakti, that is bubbling up from within us. Sensing the Shakti and letting her show us how she wants to meditate is the heart of awakening our feminine essence in meditation.

Part II: Dissolving Resistance
How often have we tried to approach our pain and heal it but “resistance keeps getting in the way.” In this practice, we work with what is – “Don’t try to get around the resistance, get into it. Resistance is the meditation.” In this practice, we are cultivating a willingness approach by softening the belly and exploring resistance in the mind/body, opening to levels of armouring around the womb and heart space. We slowly begin to release our holding around pain or armouring around a trauma, to allow a sense of spaciousness into that area, to allow the healing in, and a return to openness.

Part III: Womb Consciousness
Journey deep into the heart of our female body – the pelvic bowl and become more aware of the intuitive voice of the womb. Accessing the feminine allows us to tap directly into the powerful emotional currents that give rise to passion and creative energy. As we open ourselves to the feminine, initially we can feel overwhelmed by some of the emotional storms that we encounter. Acknowledging the full range of emotions is vital for releasing the energy flow and reclaiming our femininity voice.

Part IV: The Womb Mandala
Once we open the womb’s energetic pathways, release emotions, bring awareness to our experience of rejection, abandonment and betrayal, we begin to become aware of whom and what we are feeling, and who and what is feeding us. The very ability to identify and clear draining patterns, people and obstacles from the womb, and set healthy boundaries becomes so important to bring balance to relationships, and harness our creative potential.

Part V: Enter the Spiral to Reclaim Your Power
As we bring more life force and light into our awareness and womb, remember that we are on a spiral path. In life, we can spiral up or down, depending on our choices and challenges. As we clear the womb to open up more space for our souls to emerge, we release limiting beliefs in order to fully embody our highest potential on a different turn of the spiral. The sacred spiral of life initiates us into the unknown when we pause and reflect on the inherent gifts and blessings we gain from the lessons, moment to moment, by trusting in our own intuition and the process of life.

Part VI: Living from the Womb-Heart
In this meditation, we will awaken the heart into feeling everything and loving unconditionally. As we open the heart spiritually to experience the felt sensation of love and happiness, and awaken to our sensual Goddess within to experience our creative and joyous Self, we feel greater aliveness, vitality and radiance in our body, heart and spirit. We begin to open to more pleasure and surrender in life, love more deeply, and move through the world with delight, realizing that our love is actually independent of anything outside ourselves. It is an experience of pure being, an experience of bliss. This is one of those insights that can change our relationship to other people, and certainly to ourselves.

*Additional Jade Egg Practice
This is a mindfulness practice for women that involves activating and strengthening various muscles inside of the vagina, pelvic floor and lower abdomen. She learns to focus on her sexual sensations and connection to her own body while developing sensitivity and awareness. This Jade Egg Taoist practice can offer healing for sexual trauma, post-partum, abortion and miscarriage; sexual hormones balancing, menopause challenges, painful menstruation, painful intercourse, pelvic and vaginal pain, low-libido or dryness.


5 September 2020, Saturday 12:00pm – 6:00pm

11 October 2020, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm

28 November 2020, Saturday 12:00pm – 6:00pm




Just S$350 one person.
S$300 early bird (one month before course starts).
Two People: $600 (save $100)


  • You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of this course.
  • This program is for women.
  • This program incorporates sexuality but there will be no nudity or sexual interaction
  • You will not be asked to unclothe for any of the activities in this workshop
  • This course probably isn’t for you if you are looking for a quick fix and are not interested in self-reflection.
  • Come with a open heart and mind for expansion and freedom
  • If you have further questions regarding group programs, explore by following this FAQS link


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