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    Tantra Private SessionsTantra Training Programs


    PRIVATE SESSIONS for Individuals (In-Person)
    Per Hour $250
    Half Day 4hrs / 4 hrs Package S$900
    Full Day 8hrs / 8 hrs Package S$1600

    PRIVATE SESSIONS for Couples (In-Person)
    Per Hour $300
    Half Day 4hrs / 4 hrs Package S$1100
    Full Day 8hrs / 8 hrs Package S$2000

    PRIVATE SESSIONS for individuals/couples (Online)
    30mins $90
    60mins $150

    Standard Chartered Bank Acc: 010-199-3390 or PAYNOW UEN No: 53072050K


    By appointment only
    In-person, Email, FaceTime, Skype
    Private Mentoring & Coaching Sessions

    SPACE 2B
    2B Stanley Street
    Singapore 068721

    Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 8:00pm
    Saturday, Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm

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    Ask Christina for an interview, talk, event,
    gathering, workshop to inspire and connect
    either individually or collectively on various
    topics of varying lengths (ranging from 30-min
    talks to full-day workshops) that will give you
    new insights, tools, and perspectives.