How do I know if Tantra is for me? And how can I benefit from Tantra?

An individual instinctively knows that whatever way they came to this path they are meant to be here. If you are a guide to others who want to use this path you are also meant to be here.

Individuals who have a genuine desire to look deeply into themselves, Tantra is a path that is open to anyone to journey, and it is not simply for conscious sexual practices. It can enable them to become more complete, compassionate, joyful and ecstatic in themselves, and their connections with others are correspondingly enriched.

Tantra is a path of sacred love – of focusing on the Self and its journey within for healing, awareness, love, and acceptance that will ultimately lead to self-realization. Within this path, you have the opportunity to awaken and access your vital life force energy, and expand into higher states of consciousness to release what is holding you back. You learn to recognise your true essence and unlimited capacity to experience love more fully. This enables you to embody your authentic power to your fullest human potential.

What's involved in a typical private coaching session?


I hold a safe, sacred and non-judgmental space for you to express yourself freely. I am here to help you anchor your witness, to help you feel grounded, and to mirror to you what you need to see about your process.


I help you understand, transform and heal the root cause of your negative emotions, limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior that cause pain and sufferings/problems in your inner and outer relationships. I examine your ideas of survival, safety and protection that came from a decision somewhere in your life, and help you to realize these unconscious choices you have made, thereby releasing you from your past patterns.

We use breath, body movement, dance and bodywork to loosen your body’s armoring and uses the basic life energy to bring more awareness to yourself and to your relating patterns and to transform them and to find the key to the mystery within.

We explore masculine/feminine polarities in a space of integrity and safety, as a means to tap into your vital life force to help you break free from fears, self sabotage and self doubt, to heal your shame-based false beliefs and to unleash your creativity in the world.

Utilizing a holistic and integrative mind, body, spirit approach when facilitating your healing process, I support you in awakening, connecting within and transforming your relationship with yourself, others and life itself.

Includes Tantra techniques, embodiment practices, inner child work and shadow work.


By clearing and healing states of negativity and limitation that keep you stuck in your ego, we shine a light on these shadow aspects of your consciousness. You enter into a place of greater self-awareness, of reconnecting with your higher self, wisdom, intuition, truth and love that is sometimes hidden within. I help you hold your witness while spirit works through you for the best possible learning experience and stepping into your soul purpose. You awaken to your true, illumined and brilliant nature—which is love.


I help you with each issue that surface during the session, guiding you to see all the issues as an aspect of yourself to avoid blaming or projecting. You discover the power resources within you and your approach towards issues of life and towards others changes. You allow the challenges to be seen as opportunities.

We will create homework and self practice which includes processing, relating, journaling, meditating, completing and reviewing the homework and exercises each week. All these will move you beautifully into embodying and integrating new conscious awakening processes into your body and truly living what we touch upon in the sessions.

Can you advise what's involved in the sessions?

      • All sessions are private and confidential. Your session takes place in a space that is agreed upon at the beginning of your session to provide you a sacred space to heal and discover yourself in the most loving way. During your session you will be guided and supported with love and respect through every step of your process.

You will receive:-

    • A non-judgmental, safe and nurturing space to allow you and support you to express everything that is arising for you and to unfold both in time and energetics at a pace that totally honors you – no matter where you are at.
    • Insight and Clarity around connecting to your true self and authentic expression. The answers lie within you, in your stillness. In the silence of guided meditation, breathwork and visualization, you connect with your true self and communicate with the deepest levels of your mind and soul to create wonderful shifts in consciousness to change your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behavior.
    • Inspiration, support & practical guidance to explore your thoughts and patterns of behavior, identify the beliefs that are holding you back, gain a new perspective and develop a personal action plan.
    • Practical tools to connect within and transform your relationship with yourself, others and life itself. Includes Tantric principles, tools andtechniques, embodiment practices,inner dialogue, massage, breathwork, emotional release, yoga, movement, energy re-balancing, meditation, psychological integration, inner child healing, shadow work, and more.
    • Homework & practical – includes processing, relating, journaling, meditating, completing the homework and exercises each week, to move you beautifully into embodying and integrating new conscious awakening processes into your body and truly living what we touch upon in the sessions.

How are the sessions structured?

You can approach your sessions from two possibilities:-

  • The first is that you come to your session as you are, and allow me to act as a catalyst and guide for what is most ready to open for your learning in this moment. This approach is very organic, and works with the basic assumption that life is your teacher who decides on the curriculum for your growth from moment to moment.
  • The second, more structured approach is to come for a series of sessions on an ongoing basis, which can be weekly or fortnightly. In either a context of learning about Tantra, or to seek healing and guidance around challenges related to your sexuality, relationships and intimacy; or to awaken, to expand pleasure, to explore your sexual energy potential, or for particular guidance in a life area.

What are the private coaching options?

One to One individual or couples sessions are bespoke to your requirements and tailor-made exclusively for you. They may be any hours in length depending on your requirements, and are completely driven by you.

A customized immersion plan can be put together that delves below the surface to bring you to the heart of your discovery journey. The experiences will immerse you in the full authenticity of your path to deeper inner knowing, higher consciousness and sacred love.

There are various options for you as an individual or couple to receive support. These are the various options:

  • Weekly/fortnightly/monthly 1-2 hour sessions
  • Breakthrough session 3-4 hours
  • One day intensive
  • Two day retreat

It is also possible to change any of them, add or subtract, or create your own bespoke package.

Let’s co-create a magical experience together!

How does Christina facilitate a typical private coaching session?

Christina’s coaching involves tools that move you into a place of greater awareness, of reconnecting with your higher self, Source, wisdom, intuition, truth and love that is sometimes hidden within. She has a way to crack open, to unravel, to dive in, to dig deep & to discover your truth. She will examine your ideas of survival, safety and protection that came from a decision somewhere in your life, and will help you to realize these unconscious choices you have made, thereby releasing you from that tie and freeing you into your True Self.

She offers you depth of insight, simple principles and practical steps to follow on your personal journey out of those negative emotions and patterns of behavior that cause pain and sufferings in your inner and outer relationships. These truths are significant to your healing and promote self-awareness, personal growth, spiritual awakening, and lasting transformation. You will discover the power resources within you and your approach towards issues of life and towards others changes.

What are the effects after the sessions?

Everyone is different and experiences will vary. Sessions look many ways to different people. At the end of the session, you may:-

  • Feel relaxed, but also energized
  • Find yourself breathing more fully and deeply
  • Realize profound “Aha” moments
  • New insights to most patterns of your life
  • A sense of “peeling off the layers”
  • Intense emotions & emotional release
  • Heart opening to feel love from within
  • Feel more comfortable in your body
  • Feel a new sense of peace and ease as you return, renewed, to your life

The effects can also be felt even after you leave your session.
Take time in the next 2-3 days just to notice how you are in the world. How is your overall experience of life?
By paying attention to the lasting effects of our sessions you will be able to gauge what the ongoing use of our sessions might offer you.

What is possible in the session?

As deep as you desire. Every session is unique and different to suit with the flow of your life, your interests and your challenges. Our sessions unfold both in time and energetics at a pace that totally honors you, no matter where you are at.

Is there nudity in the session?

Session is fully clothed. It is a non-sexual and clothed experience.

What do I need to prepare for my session?

  • Reflect on the needs that you have
  • Get in touch with your intent for exploring with me
  • Be well rested
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to relax in and your full range of movement
  • A journal may be helpful
  • Please do not use alcohol, or mood altering drugs of any kind
  • No strong scents or perfume
  • Arrive promptly, but not early
  • Come with an open mind and open heart
  • Make a commitment of time, patience and willingness to your self-discovery. The rest will come.

Is there anything that I need to do after a session?

It is best to relax and rest well for the next 24 hours after your session and you should drink plenty of water. Although it may not be obvious to you during the session, your body has done a lot of work, and will actually continue to make subtle shifts for days (or weeks) after the session.You may feel tired for the next couple of days or you may feel energized. Everyone is different and experiences will vary.

You will be provided with practice techniques to practice at home, on your own or with your partner, depending on your situation. The key is integrating the awareness techniques into your life so that they become fully embodied to transform your patterns of behavior and move you beautifully into unfolding your essence and loving yourself deeply.

In ongoing sessions, we continue deeper inquiry process based on results from your practice and new areas to develop.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions that you will require cannot be compared with anyone else’s, even if they have a similar issue, because you are unique. Different people process emotions, sensations, learning and therapy differently. You will usually begin to feel changes after your first session and by the third session, you should definitely know if our session is going to be a good option for you.

Some people will only need two or three sessions while others may need more. These sessions can be taken in close succession, or spread out. Some people continue to see me every week or fortnightly or monthly for a year or more, to make sure the transformation is fully integrated and embodied into their lives. Some people are used to expecting immediate result as a sign that the session is working. But ultimately, allowing your body intelligence to do what it needs to do the healing after each session is very valuable, and that will help determine the timing for your next session.

This is best discussed at your first session. It is normally recommended to have a minimum of four sessions and the best benefits can be felt and seen about thirty days. I have found that through guiding and supporting people over several months, the benefits from the coaching becomes deeply embodied and forms the basis for a new way of living, being and relating with others.

For those looking to really commit to change and fulfillment, an average of eight sessions create most desired results.

Why eight sessions?

Whether you’re healing from past traumas or sexual fears, emotional eating, or quitting smoking, or transforming anger, or igniting passion, or reconnecting in your relationships, long-term change takes time. Helping your body find a new way to be will take some time. Each coaching session works with different intent in mind. Often, you will see changes as soon as you leave your session. But the time between sessions is just as powerful because this is when you shift — such as greater love for yourself and others, release in energy holding pattern, or evolution of your mind — and integrate them into your system (makes them yours).

During this time, you experiment with unfamiliar awareness, build new neurological pathways, and alter your belief patterns, and experience. At the beginning of the next session, we will observe what is changing and what hasn’t and use this information to refine our path forward. Eight sessions allow us to devote appropriate time to specific areas and issues to customize tools and techniques that are meaningful to your unique challenge and lifestyle.

Do I have to commit to the eight sessions?

You don’t have to. Plan to come in for the first session and see how you respond to the coaching. Most people notice results by session three with completing the homework and exercises each week. This session is a natural place to stop if you don’t feel you’re getting what you need or truly living what we touch upon in the previous sessions. Session three is the time to take stock of changes and refine goals and expectations for the remaining sessions. If you do plan to continue, it makes sense to commit to completing the eight sessions in the next six months.

How long are the sessions?

Typically, individual sessions are 1-2 hours and couples sessions are 2-3 hours. The intensity of the day’s session and your ability to integrate the techniques and insights, are just a few of the factors that we consider when determining session length.

How far apart should the sessions be?

Most clients schedule sessions about a week apart. Depending on schedule and financial considerations, sessions can be spaced up to two weeks to a month apart.

How much are your sessions?

An initial single session for individuals is S$250 per hour. An initial double session for couples is S$350 per hour. Upon the first session, you can decide to take a program with package rates.

When are you available for sessions?

I am available for sessions from Monday to Sunday; 9:30am to 9:30pm.

Where are sessions held?

In person sessions are offered, by on appointment basis, at SPACE2B 2B Stanley Street Singapore 068721.
I am available to travel to you for Bespoke Tantra Private Immersion Program only.
I also provide sessions via Skype, by phone and email.

How do I register?

Register or enquire by emailing


Who can attend the Tantra Training Programs?

  • The programs are open to individuals and couples, all genders and sexual orientations, and are clothed affairs. The programs incorporates sexuality but there will be no nudity or sexual interaction
  • You will not be asked to unclothe for any of the activities in the programs.
  • Activities are individual, partnered and group
  • It is not required to have a partner to take the programs. And although the training programs generally have even numbers of men and women, if you come without a partner, we cannot guarantee you will be provided one.

If you haven’t attended any of the trainings before, please do TANTRA TRAINING LEVEL 1 BASIC COURSE first.

Numbers are limited to enable me to hold a deep space for participants.

If I am not too sure whether Tantra is right for me, do you have any basic training courses available, before I commit to advance training topics?

Yes. Tantra Level 1 Training (Basic Course) is an excellent way to sample the flavor of Tantra. This training are for complete beginners to Tantra, as well as for those who would like a gentle “refresher”.

  • Tantra Level 1 Training (Basic Course)
    This is an introductory experience on Tantra. Learn how to awaken your true self, expand your consciousness and claim your pleasure. This training provide a great opportunity to learn more about Tantra. Ideal for individuals and couples looking to start their Tantric Journey.

What kind of things are we going to do in the trainings?

Trainings are experiential in nature. There will be lecture, demonstration component, and experiential elements, which may include movement and breathing meditations, verbal sharing, dance, and some gentle physical contact. These are interspersed with explanations of Tantric Techniques and verbal sharing of experiences, as well as questions and answers. The several experiential exercises are to be practiced by yourself or with your partner. There will also be small group exercises that usually involve 3-5 people in each group. And there will also be full-group exercises.

What if I feel the exercises might be too intimate for me during the training?

All exercises of the trainings take place fully clothed. Your participation in any of the workshop exercises, and the level at which you participate, is entirely up to you. Although the more you participate in the group, the more you will support your learning process and benefit your overall experience, but only you can determine how much or how little of your participation is good for you.
The spirit of all the workshops is one of gentleness, playfulness, respect and inner awareness. While I recommend that you immerse yourself in the group environment during the guided sessions, if for whatever reason you do not wish to fully participate in any training exercise, you may choose to participate to a lesser degree or not at all. Then, after the training session, you may choose to practice the exercise with or without your partner in the privacy of your own setting.

How ‘hands-on’ are the trainings? And do they include nudity?

The workshops will involve experiential solo, partner and group work. You are invited to participate only as fully as you feel. It’s vital that agreements are kept and not violated. Honoring your own and those of others’ boundaries are of upmost importance at all times.
We fully support:-

  • Behaviors with integrity and respect
  • Creating an atmosphere of safety amongst all participants and allowing them to explore and go at their pace and take self-responsibility to do only what they want to do
  • Respecting people’s choices to do what is right for them, and encouraging them to listen to their bodies more to understand what is authentic to their experience and desire

None of the trainings require nudity. The training relates to sexuality and sexual energy, but it involves non-sexual interaction.

Do I need a partner to come to one of your trainings or to practice Tantra?

Tantra is first and foremost about connecting with yourself and your own sexuality. A deep and authentic relationship with yourself enables deeper and more beautiful relationships with others. Exploring the path of Tantra as an individual allows you to develop tools that will enhance your self-discovery, self-awareness and self-love, even for those within a relationship.

Some exercises are practiced individually, some with a partner, and others with the whole group. It’s not required to have a partner to take the trainings. All you need for practicing Tantra is yourself, your body and your breath. You are very welcome to practice with a partner and both individuals and couples (romantic or otherwise) are welcome to trainings. After the training, you can practice the exercises you learned by yourself as a meditation or with another partner you might meet in the training.

If I come as a single, will you provide a partner for me?

Activities are individual, partnered and group. I do not provide partner or pair single people up. Participants are free to work with whomever they choose for the different exercises.

The most important thing to remember is your intent for participating in the group workshops. Are you participating in the hope to meet your soulmate? Or are you participating to celebrate relationships as opportunities for self-realisation? Or are you participating to express your soul potential? Whatever your intent is, I encourage you to open your heart and maintain an attitude that all participants reflect aspects of the divine, and have common human needs and fears, much like our own. We all honour each other where we are at in trust and intimacy, and there is much we can learn from each other. Things work out perfectly if you can maintain this perspective.

If we participate as a couple, can we work together exclusively?

Yes, you can share the experiential exercises together. Committed couples are encouraged to attend and work together as the learning process will open amazing new doors and depths to your relationship. The choice is entirely yours to take self-responsibility and set your own boundaries. Towards the beginning of each workshop, there is time set aside for all participants to share their intentions and boundaries with the group.

Please give some information about the advanced topics or how I can go deeper.

Advanced Tantra training has a highly evolved energetic vibration. A range of interesting topics forms part of this advanced course.

8-weeks Mentorship Program
Here you will learn the teachings about actively bringing balance in your life in unifying all the opposites that we hold, and our own inner masculine and feminine aspects. Focus is on (i) releasing limiting beliefs by making the unconscious conscious, by bringing the shadow into light, (ii) releasing negative emotions such as shame, fear, anger, depression, anxiety, to open the body of blocked energy, to direct energies for healing, and to transmute energy into higher vibrations.

You will live a truer expression of your own inherent divine nature…more in a flow of love, truth, joy, wisdom, compassion and true connectedness to all. A paradigm of higher consciousness.

Are your trainings suitable for everyone - all genders & queer-friendly?

Yes. All workshops are appropriate for singles, couples and people of all orientations. Both men and women of all ages and in all walks of life, from all backgrounds and experiences are welcome, from the complete beginner to the most experienced. You can come alone or with as many friends as you like!

How do I register?

Register or enquire by emailing

Where do i go, what do i wear, what do i bring?

Venue: SPACE2B 2B Stanley Street Singapore 068721
Wear: Loose, comfortable, cool clothes appropriate for sitting on the floor and for gentle movement.
Bring: Lots of water, notebook and pen