The Emotional Intimacy Spiritual Process Guidance represents the ever-evolving embodied practice path, in the direction of understanding our conditioned self more fully. That means appreciating our humanness, healing our difficult emotions and working with our limiting beliefs, reclaiming our unconscious stuffs and lost parts of ourselves, getting intimate with our personal and interpersonal relationships, and how to mature beautifully. It’s the psychological work of unpacking what’s affecting us and clarifying it, and finding new ways of relating to it to transform our daily life.

Are you struggling with life transitions: break-ups, starting new businesses, entering new relationships? Are you struggling with issues of emptiness, depression, anxiety, self-esteem? Are you tired of the negative circle of anger and withdrawal that you get into? Are you experiencing feelings of unworthiness, inadequacies, shame, lack of motivation and goal achievement, and problems at work? Are you suffering from personal issues including childhood physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse? How would it be like to free yourself from fears, limitations and soar beyond your boundaries?

How well do you know your emotions? To what degree are you at home with them? Do you suppress the emotions, or do you distance yourself from them, or do you let yourself get carried away by them? Or do you cultivate intimacy with them, however dark or unpleasant or disturbing they may be? How do you cope with your own emotions? Are you hard on yourself?

We have became used to suppressing our emotions – fear, shame, anger, sadness, guilt, jealousy, envy, disgust, anxiety, worry; and find it too vulnerable to feel fully. What if our emotional wounds are the catalysts and the energizers that propel us forward on our path, toward the fulfillment of our destiny? To be alive is to feel, and to feel is to experience emotion. The more deeply we know our emotions, the deeper and more fulfilling our lives will be.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” – Rumi. An emotion can best be viewed as an energy that comes to you for healing. Feelings are your teachers, while emotions are your children. There is a wounded child inside us who can never be healed by something from the outside but only by yourself, your own power and wisdom. You should not repress an emotion, but you should not drown in it either. For when you drown in it, when you identify with it completely, the child in you becomes a tyrant that will lead you astray. Allowing your emotions in, naming them and making an effort to understand them, means that you truly respect and cherish your inner child.

Areas of focus include:

  • Understanding your emotional wounds and how they serve us
  • Cultivating intimacy with our difficult emotions – be able to recognize it, acknowledge what we are doing with it
  • Relating to our emotions rather than just from our emotions
  • Compassionately connect with our emotional numbness without shaming ourselves to heal our emotional disconnection
  • Recognize our old survival strategies, our tendency to be a victim to our emotions, our disconnection with our core self, and to wake up to our reactivity and not let it run the show
  • Release the pain, anger and shame that weigh you down
  • Releasing guilt, shame and fear around sexuality
  • Get to the root of what’s causing depression and anxiety, and discover how to shift it
  • Being emotionally vulnerable
  • Uncover and work with the resistance you have to taking responsibility for your feelings
  • Explore the fear of feeling, and move beyond stuck places you may not even be aware of
  • Discover how to stay present with your feelings in a way that’s deeply healing
  • Cultivating a deep inner connection with inner child
  • Explore Rose Alchemy Somatic Practice to rediscover your original innocence and invite your inner child to come out to play
  • Uncover the shadow of trying to be emotionally positive – understand there are no negative emotions – only unwholesome things we do with them
  • Explore our shadows and become more aware and accept the aspects that we disliked, denied, rejected and repressed
  • Discover the truth of who you are, beyond your ‘story’ and conditioning
  • Learn how to take care of your belly power, rest firmly within your own boundaries
  • Transform patterns of stress, overwhelm and exhaustion — and welcome limitless bliss, deep inner peace and relaxation into your life
  • End unhealthy patterns that block intimacy with self and others
  • Move from control and manipulation to true love, intimacy and co-creation in your relationships
  • Heal our fears and false beliefs that limit us in our life and allow us to gain emotional freedom in creating joy, fulfillment, and loving relationships
  • Explore tantric de-armouring massage and tantra massage

This is an emotional-awakening and heart-opening experience. If you want to work at a deeper level, a series of sessions is necessary for you to create the transformation you desire.

Are you caught in a cycle of addictive behavior, unable to find your way out? Do you turn to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, socializing, keeping busy with work and/or play, and other addictions to help manage your painful empty feelings? Are you ready to heal the root cause of your weight problems and food addiction and attain permanent weight loss?

At the bottom of our fears, negative emotions and destructive relationship patterns is a deep wound: the feeling of being separated from the Whole, disconnected from love, joy and safety. This creates the sensation of an empty hole inside of us, which we desperately seek to fill with different substance and process, for instance success, recognition, lust, possessions or addictions. Most of us find out at some point that none of this works. We find out through crisis or conscious spiritual effort or both. The question then becomes: how do I fill this emptiness inside, how do I heal the wound of separation in me?

Areas of focus include:

  • Experience freedom from repetitive substance and process addictions, negative patterns (e.g., self-judgment, relationship conflicts, addictions, attracting the wrong type of people)
  • Uncover the underlying emotions you are avoiding
  • Explore your false beliefs and how they contribute to your substance and process addictions, and addictive behavior
  • How to overcome the self-destructive cycle (the way out of addictions)
  • How to raise your frequency
  • Understanding Addiction to Spirituality: The Spiritual Bypass
  • Explore tantric de-armouring massage and tantra massage

The content of our discussion and the direction of our encounter is fully up to you and need not be limited to the above-mentioned areas.