Kind Words

“I was lost … lacking purpose in life. A trip to Bhutan, where people seemed genuinely happy, made me realize I had to stop asking questions and instead focus on finding answers. I had been told that the Buddhism practise in Bhutan was Tantra Buddhism. Back in Singapore I searched for a teacher and Christina appeared. Meeting her would change my life, teach me to live now and realize that happiness was within me.

Christina took me through the teachings of Tantra and introduce me to a wide variety of meditation practices. And, she listened. I felt I could be completely honest with her. She listened to my rants and made me see the light and energy within me; taught me not to project my demons onto others; and most of all to be honest with myself and live each moment. Always with my heart and soul in mind, she introduced me to others that could help me on my way.

Christina has been – and remains – my guide along my path towards purpose and internal fulfilment.”
~ Jomar

“My partner and I received a few private Tantra sessions with Christina and they were the catalyst to us transforming our relationship. I decided to book the first session because I had become curious about Tantra and how it could (hopefully) heal my long-term relationship and bring a deeper level of intimacy, connection and softness with each other. My partner arrived to the first session with his guard up, however Christina was able to quickly put him at ease and help him to open up to sharing his thoughts and feelings in a safe space. Christina’s level of presence, open-heartedness, impartiality and wisdom provided us with a platform to discuss our different perspectives in regards to the negative patterns in our relationship, and for the first time be able to see it from the other’s perspective. Christina provided us with exercises and reading material to do at home that also assisted with deepening our intimacy and connection with each other. If it weren’t for our sessions with Christina, I really don’t know if I would still have my relationship because we were so entrenched in the roles we were playing out–to the detriment of the deep love we have for each other. I highly recommend Christina to anyone, especially people in long-term relationships that are struggling with their communication and intimacy. The first thing Christina taught us is that Tantra starts in the heart, in love, gratitude and honoring for the other person. This foundation is what Tantra is able to unfold and blossom upon and I have realized that it is not just for an intimate relationship, but a basis for all human interaction. Thank you Christina for the deep lessons, healing and love you provided!”
~ Elaine& Dave

“We are indeed blessed to have Christina with us for a few days. Not only is she knowledgeable about the ways to rebuild love and intimacy for couples, she has demonstrated a keen interest to deep dive into each couple’s individual issue and help to resolve them, constantly adjusting her approach and teachings. She selflessly shared her learning and life experiences, and has made a lot of progress with us. Alice and I are very grateful and look forward to more time with Christina”
~ Andy & Alice, Shanghai

“After being married for 10 years, the number of times, my wife and I, made love was getting less frequent, even though our relationship is fantastic. I was at a stage of my life whereby I was questioning if my sex life with my wife is up to her expectation? Is she please with our sex life? Is she enjoying the sex we have together? With these questions hanging over my head , I decided to search the internet to look for answers in how to improve my sex life and how to please my wife better. This is how I came to know about Christina.

After some communication with Christina via emails, I decided to look for her to engage her on her services. The first time I met Christina, she was very good at putting me at ease and the aura she gave me was that I could trust her with my deepest thoughts and feelings. After my first session with her, I was proven right, she is the one that was going to help me set things right with my sex life. Over time and after a few sessions with Christina, she has thought me how to be very comfortable with my body and a better understand of a woman’s body and mind. She has opened up my mind to a whole new world. I felt myself being released from my own chains.

On hindsight, would I be able to feel the way I feel and think the way I think? Most likely “NOT” if Christina wasn’t there. She made the environment conducive and safe enough for me to unchain myself. I felt recharged, energized and most important of all, feeling good about myself! With this feeling and energy, I was able to transmit it to my wife too and today my sex life is fantastic with my wife. The frequency has definitely increased and it is occurring as and when we want and anywhere we want.”
~ Alvin

“I, accompanied by my partner, had several private sessions with Christina.
These have been life changing experiences for me.
I have gained an invaluable understanding about my emotion, feelings, body and female sexuality.
I discovered a lot of things that made sense, making me see and understand the bigger pictures of things and how I can improve myself to become more balanced, and to know what I want.
Christina guided me in a very clear and effective manner.
Thank you so very much Christina. You are my dearest teacher and friend.
If there is an opportunity, I would like to have another session with you again.”
~ Esther

“I feel very much appreciated for the work that we have done so far. That was hard work, not only for me, but I think also for you, as I can see how my mind and emotions changing time to time with new knowledge that you have shared via the sessions. What has changed since I learnt of my “inner child” and my “wounded child” is I am aware of myself and therefore I love myself more than I ever do. Knowledge about ourselves is the key knowledge for anybody that would love to contribute their parts to the world. If I ever see anybody that is wondering whether to work with you or not, I would advice them to do it without hesitation. 🙂
My mind was like a computer that has run old programs, it caused “virus”, then when we do the “reset”, it created lots of emotions and it challenged my knowledge, my experiences, my feelings…. Sometimes, I doubt that process will never end. Maybe it is true, we will never stop learning anyways. 😉
I found that you are very passionate person who have lots of knowledge about Tantra. You were very nice, enthusiastic with beautiful smile and made me feel very “authentic”… :))
Having the chance to work with Christina was such a pleasure. The knowledge she has shared with me was one of the most important one that everybody should know about themselves. That was a precious experience and worthy to discover.”
~ Vivian Le

“I always come away from our sessions feeling ‘expanded’ and wanting to explore and experience more! Connect with people at deeper levels. Be a better boss, father, brother, friend, lover… living with more awareness, connection and energy. Thank you for being there and sharing. I know you touch many peoples lives in many ways but i just want to let you know what it means for me.”
~ Michael

“Thank you for the Sagara Tantra Massage on Friday. It was a very beautiful experience. I have tried other types of massage before and have also learned Thai Massage myself but Sagara Tantra Massage was very different. Initially it was interesting to feel the mixture of yin and yang as you applied different soft and hard massage simultaneous. Later as it went deeper i felt a healing love flowing through my body as I felt like a baby resting in a mother arms. It felt healing on a deep level. Some emotions and realizations came up….something to do with the close connection between tension/stress/fear and lack of love, acceptance etc. Afterwards i felt very refreshed.”
~ Anonymous

“For me Tantra is a powerful & transformational philosophy; & once introduced to it, my life became unstoppable!
Christina teaches the purest form of ‘Tantra’; taught me to become aware, to accept and to honour my ‘being.’
Her teachings & classes are simple, personal, intimate & a life changer.
It’s no magic & I was initially very impatient. You have to trust the process & be patient.
I consider myself very fortunate that I did.
Thank You, Christina.”
~ Barbara

“We came to Christina to learn Tantra Massage privately. We loved it. Even D, who was skeptical at the beginning, admitted that he found it useful to learn from Christina. We felt enriched by the session and inspired by Christina’s wonderful presence. She made us feel at ease immediately. Her gift of mediation, and of being a calm contributor, a sharp observer, a wonderful listener and feedback provider.”
~ Y&D

“I am fortunate I guess (touch wood)! After reaching middle age and compared to some others, my life has been relatively stable- absent from any major trauma, or drama. But then again nothing is perfect and everything can be improved. The onset of middle age also gave rise to the stark realization for me during one of my reflective moods- that not only do I have one life but when it came to sex and sexuality, actually I wasn’t having a great time and pretty clueless.

Will I go through life only hearing and reading about the joys of sexual energy, reading about how others are able to attain deeper connections with a partner, lack of confidence with a partner and having goals, which I had no idea how to achieve or how do something about it? Lets face it – we all want to enjoy sex. But these are weird things to talk to someone about aren’t they? How do you tell someone this aspect of my life is not that great, I have these feelings and desires but don’t know how to achieve them- or if in fact I am just strange. Is there anything wrong to have these wishes and desires in the first place?

Thankfully there are lovely people like Christina in the world. Honestly speaking I was nervous wreck before the first session. I had never dreamt I would be seeing a stranger about these issues but what did I have to lose. I can honestly say making the first appointment was the best thing I had done. There was nothing but care, concern and understanding as we slowly over time analyzed, understood, dissected and evaluated, issues, feelings, thoughts, goals and slowly through a combination of both physical and mental actions and objectives I was introduced into a whole new world. I always remember the first time I saw that smile at the door and I was at ease. She has the ability to reach to the heart of the issues, shut out the unnecessary noise, teach when necessary, guide when it’s best and listen when needed.

And its not all about sex…there’s personal development too…understanding myself and my actions and how to reach my potential…. but yes- sexual energy is amazing!”
~ Trevor

“If there is a word to summarise all the experience I gather working with Christina. It is “I love you”.

All my life I have been searching for a person that I can be of 100% trust and is brave, caring, listening and loving where I can share my darkest secrets with no reserve, hold back, fear and shame. I found her in a workshop and immediately i know she is the person I destine to meet when I don’t know what to do next with my problems. I feel death in soul. I have been struggling in a loop and making problems more and complex. She is able and has broken my loop and guides me to begin my journey of self-healing.

I did doubt her in the first session but toward the end of the session I surrender to her sincerity and earnest to help. Thank you and deeply appreciate.”
~ Mike

“I first read about Christina and the fine work she did in some media interviews. I thought was interesting to work with her as I would like to learn better ways to improve my sexual interactions with my partner.

As I have a sensory disability, I needed someone who was compassionate and willing to work with me. When I approached her in mid-2008, Christina was more than willing to work with me and accommodate my disability.

She was willing to make accommodations to help me to mitigate my disability so that I can achieve my goals of improving my interactions with my partner. Her efforts not only assist me to reach my tangible goals, but it also generated positive energy in me and benefited my relationship with other people as well. This started a good relationship between us until today.

In late 2013, we touched base again and she helped me to understand the depth of my sexuality. She was very patient with me and the sessions we had together cultivate genuine trust and bond between us. My sessions with her re-established my trust with love and sexual interactions with the opposite sex.

I would recommend Christina to anyone who wants to work with someone who is compassionate, caring, loving, and would place the focus of nourishing you as her top agenda. You would benefit most from your private sessions with her as you can best benefit emotionally and spiritually through her work with you in a private setting.”
~ Anonymous

“I’m grateful to have met Christina. She is a great dedicated and warm Tantra teacher doing her job passionately and with whole her heart. Christina was always there to support, listen and give wise advise, not only during the Tantra sessions but also outside of them.
She has an incredible empathy, spiritual notion and sense of feeling how she can get you to healing your heart, without you needing to spend many words on it, she gets you immediately and naturally where to go.
Please Christina keep on teaching the way you do, you are doing it awesome!”
~ Sigrun D.

“Her petite yet strong frame carries an energy that only the one who feels & believes in her realises how powerful she is. And yet so loving & sweet!!”
~ Anonymous

“Now I’m sharing with you the one most impactful Completion that I achieved and took courage to do with my mom. As a child, I felt small and insignificant as I compared n felt jealous for the attention my two elder brothers got as my mom has praises for them all the time… how successful they are, having a nice big car and all that. I felt that it was not fair. I failed to see that my mom loves us all the same and that she cared and raised us up well the best she could. All of us are destined to be different and to be manifested in other ways. Now I see clearly that she and even my brothers has always been there for me despite my lowest times.
I finally found my purpose in life and that is… appreciating life and my love ones and not to wait for the last day to say I’m Sorry and that I LOVE you MOM. I can’t imagine or describe the amount of relieve and experience the joy that was freed from me just with this Completion. Praise the Lord. I finally reconciled with my mom and basically with myself for that matter. It felt like a total release and THE LOVE that flowed from me to my mom as we cherished even more our love for one another.
I have become the “UNITOR” in my FAMILY as I took upon myself to help patch up strain ties starting with mine of course, with my siblings and even for my nephews which I am currently counseling with the fresh and practical Life changing ways which I’ve learnt from Christina, my Mentor and now my good friend.”
~ L.S.R

“One of the amazing things you do to your student is that you allow ‘the space’ for him/her to open up. You may know that already but if you don’t; that’s one of the key strengths you have.
In this world, humans are closing up. They share more with their gadgets than with other humans. Maybe fear of judgement, maybe lack of a relationship to share, or the other person unavailable to receive. Many reasons. And hence there is a desire to share thoughts, emotions; desire to share dark secrets.
As a coach you allow the sharing, without judgement & willingness to receive. Other coaches may be doing so as well, but all at a superficial level. You go deep. And that takes away many many layers of self-doubt, self-judgement & makes the person ‘free’….as if ready to fly.
And THE most important key is that you are so OPEN yourself! That’s what makes the student comfortable. This is your key differentiator apart from your vast knowledge.
~ Joe S.

“When the student is ready, the Guru arrives. God prepares the student in many ways.
When I was going through a lot of relationship and emotional issues, God showed Christina as the teacher.
As a friendly and trusted teacher, Christina showed how to harness the power of love through
a combination of body, mind and spirit to resolve the issues.
She conducts her classes in a very safe atmosphere and ensures that every student is paid attention to.
Christina knows what she is talking about and is a very patient and respectful teacher. I have seen a remarkable improvement in my psychological, mental and physical health after participating in Christina’s workshop.
I miss her classes a lot and would attend every session, should she start conducting classes / workshops in Singapore again.”
~ Rangan

“Christina didn’t stop there in getting me back in shape but went on to getting my life back in shape too. She gave me new light into parenting in this new age in regards to relationships with my wife and even with my two girls. On how to learn from their needs and not by controlling them with fear and punishment. I need to be affecting them with my love rather then with my authority as a father. And use of better communication and ways of relating. She literally taught me to BE myself confidently and to be conscious and aware of everything that affects me and to LOVE myself. She made me see what it means to have integrity in myself and taking responsibility for whatever we say or do and also to be able to enrich others along the way.

She showed me how to heal my Ego self and get things right back to my Child self where it all began. She allowed me to open my heart to total surrendering and acceptance of anyone that I come into contact with. Accepting them with the good and bad alike as we can’t make others change but what we can DO is change ourselves so that others can experience and feel the LOVE that we radiate and offer…

My practice is now surrendering to let go of the past and living in the Present (to Love myself) and find completion with my love ones or events that once hurt me that I had suppressed and not allowed me to grow.”
~ Lim

“I think human beings are complicated and complex animals. I believe human beings can also do many extraordinary things beyond our imaginations. I also believe there are problems that we will face in our everyday life.
For me, I guess I no different from others. I have problem with my children and how I wish they could listen and obey what I have told them. I also wanted attention and love from my wife and hope that she will put me in the first place. But I guess life is not so simple after all.
Eventually I wanted to find a way that I hope there is something that can help me improve my situation. Improve my relationship with children, my wife and hope that someday to bring back my intimate moments.

A thought came to me and I started to google ‘Tantra’. After a few searches, I found Christina’s website, Tantrapath and I began to read what actually it was all about. To my interest, I thought it was what I’m looking for. By going through Tantra path, I can understand myself, heal myself and also to improve my relationship with my family, especially with my wife. From the information I found about Christina, I found that she lives in Singapore (most of the tantra coaches I find are from overseas) and she has many experiences on teaching and coaching people on the practice of Tantra. I found that her teaching of Tantra covered a wide range of topics which I wanted to understand and learn, especially on Tantra scared sexuality. With some thoughts, I decided to make my first step towards the path of Tantra.

After few sessions of learning from Christina, I learned more about myself and how Tantra can help to create love and energy not only to oneself but to your love ones from you. During her sessions, I will need to start from the basic where I learnt the teaching and also practice the breathing technique to draw or generate energy.
Working with Christina has been a great experience as she is a very patience person and she has a gift to understand one’s problem and provide guidance to heal it. From her sessions, I learnt the value and awareness on how one can achieve from the practice of Tantra. This has somehow change my prospect of looking at my own life and also somehow to better deal with others. Although I have gone through few sessions but I believe there is still a lot of things which I can learn and explore.
So far I’m very please what I can learn from Christina and I’m glad I have made this move to explore the art of Tantra where you will realize that it is another level to humanity.”
~ Cliff

“I reached out to Christina when I was encountering difficult challenges with my work life balance i.e. too much work and too little life! At work the situation had changed dramatically since I had been a high performer under my previous bosses but under my new boss I was categorized as a low performer and my new boss piled a very heavy work load on me to a point when in my view it was not manageable.

Christina helped me in different ways, I will highlight a few of the key areas:
1. Breathing Optimally. She taught me to breathe consciously again and included many different breathing techniques that I could use e.g. belly breathing, deep breathing, clearing all of the stale air out of the lungs etc. This seems like a small thing but I realized through her coaching that poor breathing actually can lead to many problems e.g. low energy, blockages in the body, prevents the body from detoxifying properly. However when I learned to breath properly again I was immediately able to feel the benefits e.g. my energy levels increased substantially and also the world around me appeared more colorful and in fact interesting, this triggered a very powerful benefit which I will cover in point 3.
2. Tantra Lingam massage. This was a practice that I was aware of but had completely neglected for many years. Christina taught me various techniques for solo tantra lingam massage, plus how to coordinate the massage with the correct breathing and contractions of the base muscles near the prostate to move to awaken the energy and then to move the energy through the back of the body and into the head and then down the front of the body. This had numerous benefits and the pleasure from the practice is immense I was able to experience male multiple orgasms again for hours without ejaculation. The lack of ejaculation meant that all the energy stays in the body and can be channeled and used for other activities e.g. difficult projects, reading, lovemaking, creativity without feeling tired!
3. This new found energy and intrigue in the world led to a general interest in in the world and awakened a “questions mentality”. I realized that I had in fact stopped asking questions, I also didn’t realize what detriment that was having on my life’s trajectory. Questions, I realized is actually one of the most powerful tools that I now use to find solutions to almost all of the challenges that I am facing now. For example I was also having relationship challenges at home with young children, my wife was perpetually stressed and I was as expected one of the lowest priorities on her list. I felt neglected but I started with a question how can I help the situation? This created new dialogue between us and accordingly there was actually a number of things I could do to help e.g. something as simple as not remembering to turn the taps to cool setting seems small and I didn’t take it very seriously but it actually irritated her immensely. When I added up all the small changes or improvement it actually added up to quite a lot and she felt the difference and our relationship became much stronger and better. This questions approach has also since helped me in my work, financial status and relationships e.g. why is this work required? How important is this relative to current projects? Am I spending enough time in terms of my investments and insurance protection? How can I have a better relationship with my kids, etc.

The learnings that I have received from Christina has changed the trajectory of my life for the better e.g. to experience a much fuller life and to have bountiful energy to then share this positive energy and experiences with loved ones, friends and new connections. My experience has been that this then can create a virtuous circle that continues to improve e.g. knowledge sharing, energy, wealth, positive impact, depth of connection etc.”
~ Marvin

“Decided to engage Tantrapath due to their well established reputation and their trainer Christina. She came across as a well-versed Tantra practitioner from the pre-discussions about Tantra. It has been a fruitful experience to learn about Tantra with Christina’s guidance. I have been practicing the Tantra concepts and it is been very positive in many aspects of my well-being. As Tantra is a journey, so it would be best to start on the best and right footing.”
~ Peter

“You’ve been a tremendous support during my worst year of life. You made me see things that I was not able to understand. You gave words to my emotions and analysis to my way of thinking. Working with you made me realize how important it is to let the inner child within us find happiness she always in pursuit of and that is only by being a Loving parent to that inner child.

Another effective thing was how you related all my negative thoughts and emotions to my wounded self who had made the inner child captive in a way. I had well and truly abandoned myself in the hands of the wounded self in a way it controlled my life. You helped me find her and now things are on the mend.

I’ve left the stagnating relationship behind and feel free of the negativity. I make decisions about my life now and not the wounded self and hopefully in near future things will settle down in a positive direction. I’ve moved on and that is the biggest achievement.

Thank you for all the skype sessions and hard work you put in for me. It made a huge difference to how I look at life now. I will come back to you as I step into life’s next chapter.”
~ RP (from UK)

“I met Christina at the lowest point in my life.
Stress, anxiety, hard work yet ‘no luck’ kinda approach to everything, self pity, lack of self confidence, ‘I am not good enough’ feeling, ‘no one loves me’ thoughts, negative ‘self-beliefs’, unable to build relationships, lack of empathy, controlling, a ‘crazy’ perfectionist.

And today, thanks to Christina and her coaching; I feel bliss in my life. I have the feeling of ‘I can’ on whatever I put my mind to, confident, chilled-out, healthy and a very happy being.

And yes, I got the dream corporate job I was aspiring for and married the woman I was dating.”
~ Sasha

“From teaching nutritional habits, to the gym, to yoga, to Tantra yoga, to learning to breathe, to balancing chakras, to prolonging my ejaculation, to harnessing sexual energy for higher purposes, to peeling off layers of my conditioning, to shadow work, to inner-child work, to healing my wounded self, to Sagara Tantra massage, to healing therapies, to embracing ourselves, to opening up my heart, to improving my relationships, to helping me to become a complete human ‘one is meant to be’. That’s Christina!”
~ BB

“On my health side, I gradually lost 10 kg to date & looking younger and more radiant, from a size 36″ down to 33″ (I wanted a gradual but sure lost of weight, the type that I can maintain (without gaining it back) my eating habits regularly but not the yoyo effect of extreme dieting or total fitness freak). Christina made me aware of the things out there that may be doing more harm then help to me. She did it in her own caring and nurturing way to bring me up with small baby steps and gradually increasing the intensity and complexity of the program. She encouraged and made me challenged myself to do an OCBC cycling challenge 43km which I achieved with flying colours (through clocking weekly cycling n gym training schedules which I followed with).”
~ LL

“Not withstanding the challenges; its such an immense and overwhelming feeling of satisfaction & achievement to take my business to a whole new level.
I don’t share with the world but I must tell you….I am very proud of myself & I am very good.
And thank you for believing in me & supporting me.
Feeling great!!”
~ Anonymous

“Its amazing how the universe & energies work. But I must admit, my Ego Self loves being appreciated. And recognized. While I consciously realise my Ego now; though it’s not easy to overcome it. It keeps showing up unconsciously.
But it’s beautiful observing it & then making amends.”
~ Anonymous

“Dear Christina
You are the spirit, you are the warrior
You are the Goddess, you are THE woman
You are the guide, you are the mentor
You are the adventurer, you are the trail blazer
You are the home-maker, you are THE Home
You are the knowledge, you are the seeker
You are passionate, you are compassionate
You are the shadow, you are the light
You are loving, you are love
You are divine, you are devoted
You are the disciple, you are the Guru
You are complete, you make others complete

Yes you are complete, you are Sagara !
Yes you are
Yes you are
Yes you are

Say yes I am.”
An inspirational poem flowed through me after my devotional time in learning Sagara Tantra Massage.
~ Anonymous

“Christina, thanks so much for creating this program. I really value what you offer – it has been incredibly healing and made a profound difference in my life. Deep appreciation and gratitude for showing me a path to heal and take care of myself.”

“Christina is an amazing teacher. We explored areas in our lives which shaped who we are today with regards to our femininity and were introduced to some exercises to understand ourselves better and open up our being.”

“Feel so inspired and rejuvenated after every session! Can’t help loving the abundant energy flowing in my body and mind, and feeling so much love and affirmation as I learn to listen to my womb space.”

“Christina is an amazing intuitive , feeling and wise presence , which allowed me to begin to learn and love with clarity and understand my inner deep emotional being”

“Thank you, Christina, for your loving and patient guidance 🙂 I’ve learnt to see my womb in a new light… I’m looking forward to the world of possibilities that I can create from my womb space!”

“I loved how Christina could explain so clearly and simply, ideas that I initially thought I already understood about my inner world. I felt empowered by her open sharing and wisdom which both touched and gently shifted my perceptions.”

“I love Christina’s energy. She’s very warm, open and wise. Her teaching is simple and profound at the same time. I benefitted so much from the last 2 series in awakening the stagnant energies of my womb. Very powerful sessions and I highly recommend to every woman.”

“Lovely space, lovely teacher. Thanks, Christina, for your patience and open heart. Your teachings and sharing were inspiring, allowing me to see my womb in a new light and reconnecting to it.”

“I love it! For sure coming back for more…Christina OPENS my awareness to this new portal of energy within me that has been dormant for a long time. I can still feel the warmth and sensation inside my womb space – amazing!”

“Christina was knowledgeable about the concepts around shadows, and was able to articulately communicate that to us with detailed examples. Highly recommended!”

“Christina workshop enabled me to have deeper insights to my reactions and behaviours. I thank her in gratitude for being part of my journey towards self-discovery.”

“An eye-opening workshop that makes you turn an inquiring eye towards oneself.”

“Love Christina’s energy and thoughts. And I took her advice and manage my energy wisely!”

“Christina held a beautiful safe space for us to open and share ourselves without fear, without judgement, with completely open minds and hearts. Personally, I connected with myself on a whole new level and break through my blocks and have a newfound appreciation for my energy! Very insightful and practical! I’m looking forward to learning more from her other workshops.”

“Christina taught me how to look at my stories, my beliefs, my patterns and how to love myself more. I feel a sense of lightness and calmness within. Her session is very inspiring! Thank you.”

“Christina has a very approachable manner and makes me feel at ease. Her wisdom in Tantra is tremendous and is very clear about it.”
~ Fung (Tantra Energetics One Day Foundation Intensive Workshop)

“Christina’s deep knowledge of the subject, passion, pure energy, love, and commitment to following the Tantra path enlightens me.”
~ Elena Podrezo (Tantra Energetics One Day Foundation Intensive Workshop)

“Christina’s knowledge, presence, nice aura created a very conducive space for open sharing and gaining knowledge through exercises in a group setting.”
~ TC. (Tantra Energetics One Day Foundation Intensive Workshop)

“Christina’s way of communication and energy gave me what i needed to be more conscious and self-aware.”
~ Alfonso (Tantra For Everyone: What does it mean to Live Tantra Introduction Evening Workshop)

“I love learning that Tantra can help beyond sex to make me feel bliss through life. Christina has an amazing and natural gift to talk about sensitive matters (even sexual reactions) – she made them look simple and like everyday life.”
~ Silvia (Tantra For Everyone: What does it mean to Live Tantra Introduction Evening Workshop)

“Christina brings such experience and passion in the Tantra subject! Love the practical exercises.”
~ R.N. (Tantra For Everyone: What does it mean to Live Tantra Introduction Evening Workshop)

“Christina was able to help me see the canal between the sex and the 3rd eye chakras. I love the exercises and the feeling that i feel just after.”
~ B.E. (Tantra Yoga & Meditation Workshop)

“All of Christina is beautiful! The learning environment she created during the workshop was fun, relaxed, engaging and safe.”
~ A.M. (Tantra Yoga & Meditation Workshop)

“Christina’s knowledge is very enriching. The practice on the sexual energy channelling is very new to me, hence it is very interesting and i like it alot.”
~ R.P. (Tantra Yoga & Meditation Workshop)

“Christina helped me to improve my body awareness and to connect with my breath. Her session is very relaxing yet engaging. Everything was perfect.”
~ Gosia K. (Hatha Yoga class)

“I love her energy! Christina teaches me to focus on my heart! She helped me with my balancing poses and inversions. I would like to work with her again.”
~ Mark G. (Power Yoga class)

“Christina identified areas of improvement and challenged my weaker areas, and she gave me feedback on a lot of things that I can improve on with advice on how to build those up.”
~ Steffanie Relucio (Yoga Flow class)