A moment with Christina

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My name is: Christina

I’m known for being: an entrepreneur, an inspirer, a healer, a tantra teacher, a spiritual coach…

How did you discover your passion and find your specific calling?
After creating Earth Sanctuary Day Spa for 4 years for healing and rejuvenation, I was asking myself what can I offer that can bring deeper healing. Then in 2004/2005 by divine guidance, the importance and the timeliness of this wisdom: to “go with the flow” came into my life. I painstakingly sold my company to TWG Tea Company and embarked on a path of yoga and tantra. I listened to life’s messages and followed my divine path. This devotion has brought limitless blessings in many forms in my life.

When you discovered tantra, why do you think it resonated so deeply with you?
I always believed that we are spiritual beings in a human body and within each person there exists the potential for spiritual awakening and expansion into higher states of consciousness. With Tantra, I get in touch with my unlimited essence and my capacity to experience love, beauty, grace, well-being, peace, joy, wisdom, and adventure more fully at many levels. Tantra has allowed me to release old emotions, blocks, struggles and free limitations in all areas of my life through transformation done with love, joy and happiness, not to mention celebration!

What continues to inspire you to teach the practice as you do?
My desire to empower human beings towards a path of self-realization to discover their true nature, realize their magnificence, focusing on the journey inside the self for healing and growth and looking within for guidance and wisdom.

What is it like to live Tantra?
“Follow your heart and be fully who you are!” I listen to my Heart, flow with the Divine and see that the world gives me whatever is needed if I simply open my eyes and ears. It gives me constant feedback on the thoughts I hold in my mind and provides clues to where I might find what I am looking for. My thoughts travel through my heart. The greatest gift I have is the vibration of love. “I am a being of Love.” I learnt how to open to this great potential of love that resides within me and to access that vibration on my own in my daily life.

Who are your spirit guides?
Dolphins and sea turtles.
Dolphins are constantly connected with the universal vibrations coming from Source.My encounters and experiences with them teaches me to honor the place in myself where the entire universe dwells, and honor that in each and every one.
Turtles carry their house on their back, go within to contemplate and travel their own path in their own time and ensure that whatever they focus on is achieved.Turtles guide me to align with my energy of patience, strength and minimalism.

What is your favourite flower?
A red rose. To me, rose expresses passion, love, vitality, feeling of being alive, promise, surrender, hope, and new beginnings. In spiritual alchemy, the red rose represents the mystic center of a person, the heart of hearts – one’s true nature.

Where do you love to go to refresh yourself?
I would go for a swim and then retreat into my sanctuary. I am a natural homebody. The calmness of my own space and nature around is the best place for me to restore. I don’t need to go anywhere. But, if I do go away, I like it to be by the Ocean or immerse in a new culture/tradition, to renew my spirit. Looking at the vastness of the sky, stars and constellation at night also rechargesmy inner world.

What other wellness practices keep you feeling healthy, balanced and beautiful?
It’s my daily routine of self-care. Along with yoga & meditation, I brisk walk/jog, cycle, swim, and gym.

What does happiness look like to you?
Feeling gratitude, love and freedom. Live what I love makes me fulfilled. Being just who i am and always moving into the unknown. Seeing every challenge or issue as an opportunity for growth and learning. Living everyday enriching others – that’s my passion and happens to be my work. Sharing simple pleasures in life with my beloved – ending the day in his presence with nutritious delicious food, music, art, laughter, and 100% love.

What tips would you offer people who aspire to live fuller, more holistic lives?
Listen to your body. Listen to your higher guidance. Listen to your inner nature. Take loving actions.

My latest obsessions: Divine Flow and Karma Yoga. Flowing of my higher self, living in the moment, reflecting love and limitless potential, manifesting through the law of attraction and right actions without attachment to the outcome.

The secret to my life: Love and acceptance, balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

How do you live your dreams in this world?
I live my dreams simply by living my true destiny.

My current mantra: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

With Love,