The Sagara Tantra Massage derives from the Tantra tradition that you are the explorer of the Sagara (Sanskrit for “Ocean”) of your own inner ocean. The greatest gift in this meditative bodywork is discovering what is in the depths of your ocean, your unconscious, the hidden depths, unexplored thoughts, emotions and feelings, your Source, your soul essence, your nature, your power. More Info Here

This therapy is offered to women only.

The recommended approach would be to learn to give a Tantra Massage as a relationship tool for couples. This will enable you to open deeply to unknown aspects of yourself within and surrender in devotion to your beloved through this sacred dance.

Tantric De-armouring Massage is an emotional release therapy for the transformation of consciousness through releasing the unconscious blocked energy stored as armouring (emotional wounds) in your body.

Armoring is a result of stagnant life-force energy (because of emotions locked inside) that is not flowing freely throughout the body. These blockages created by trauma, tension, thought-patterns and different experiences throughout life, contracts and desensitizes the body, makes your body tense and energetically blocked, keeping you from experiencing the joy of life.

De-armoring is a great way to release stored emotional and sexual tension. Deep pressure is put on various external trigger points on the body to heal unprocessed emotions – fear, anger, anxiety, depression, worry lying hidden within your body. By working in the solar plexus and sacral centres, it addresses the core of a condition in its deepest hiding place, the vortices of the emotional energy-centres. You will be guided with the proper breathing techniques to access your life-force energy and experience the depths of your full body orgasmic potential, sexual pleasure and sensitivity.

Integrating the physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual aspects of your being, redeeming your wounds requires feeling the pain still held in them. To wake up to the fullness of your Being, to claim your wholeness, you will have to undergo the conscious energy transformation. By clearing away those blocked energy you are able to gain access to higher energies and connect with a new perspective. As the blocks are released from your energy body, you find clarity in your relationships and life. You can then more effectively draw energy from your inner source of wisdom giving you a renewed focus and enabling you to effectively create the life you desire – from a personal and soul level awareness. Your experience of your totality is expanded.

This therapy is offered to women only.