What is a genuine Tantra Massage? How different is Tantra Massage from other massages?

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Tantra massage in our system is a profound deepening experience of the inner self. It emphasizes the feeling and moving of energy in the body, even more on the raising of the energy up the entire body.

In Tantra massage, there are integral boundaries of clarity and integrity as trust is essential for surrender to happen. Holding a safe, sacred space helps to anchor the receiver’s witness, and to mirror without engaging or reacting to the energy or emotions that comes up.

The objective of Tantra Massage is to work with intent, rather than intention. With healing intent, the body’s subtle vibrations and frequencies unfolds in a spontaneous, co-creative manner that is empowering, guiding the receiver to receive, open up and pave the way for transformation.

In this deep state of awareness, both giver and receiver become one Mind Body Spirit, one breath.Wave after wave, breath after breath, sound after sound, the energy accumulates, vibrates and begins to create more space, the body releases what no longer serves. As the life force energy awakens and rises, the body has its own intelligent way of moving to open up and free areas that are blocked, and dissolve layers of emotional tension, self-doubt, fear, guilt, shame and trauma that are being stored in the body. As the energy releases, insight and experience into the internal world, seeing any past unprocessed feelings and trauma that have been held in the body will surface. A process of rewiring limiting beliefs and unleashing potentiality will take place so that changes necessary to live to our most powerful, authentic and blissful Self can be created.

A tantra massage is a dance of both masculine and feminine polarities to help awaken, harmonize and heal the internal energies. There is absolute presence and stillness throughout the massage to help anchor in the here and now, so the receiver can journey inwards. Intertwined with long fluid strokes of varying intensity and rhythm up and down and all around the body, the energizing effects of these exquisite movements are combined with clear healing intent on all levels.Every touch of love or close embrace is with mental focus and feedback reminding of our interconnectedness and divine love. It is a sacred act of devotion. Bliss states can be attained without stimulation of sexual organs and even with clothes on. Feelings of peace, love, lightness, wholeness, completeness, and unity with the divine (due to the awakened energy flows) are experiences often reported from a Tantra massage.

It differs from other forms of massage in many ways. It is an experience that overwhelms the mind with sensations and at the same time communicates an acceptance and a nurturing of the inner self. Most massage techniques work on only one level, usually the physical such as in remedial massage. Massage is often used in stress management but not necessarily addressing or transcending the cause of the stress.

A tantra massage given by a self-aware, highly trained and skilled tantric practitioner-therapist with years of intense trainings is vastly different from skills of a lover giving a sensual erotic massage. Tantra massage is not a search for more physical triggers to gain arousal. It is a cultivation of love, the massage of a loving heart and conscious touch. It brings peace and comfort to make the receiver feel safe, loved, and blissful. A massage given for sexual pleasure or seeking a release is more accurately called an erotic massage.

One can learn the benefits of giving and receiving massage through Tantra Massage private sessions and workshops as well. In the training program that I offer, you will learn how to share deep love and connection with your beloved through techniques and principles to connect your partner’s sexual passion to his/her heart, heal past wounds, open him/her up to new intimacy, honor the sacred being in your partner, and tantalize and pleasure him/her, using the most powerful tool of all – your love. To fully access Tantra massage one needs to learn to feel and move energy in the body and to be the witness (letting go of judgment, criticism). The five guidelines to learn are breathe, movement, sound, focus, and relax…which sound easy but are challenges for most people in high sexual spiritual energy. Yet they are wonderful to learn.