Are you ready to awaken all of your life energy? Are you ready to meet and live in wholeness with your inner beloved in love and full potential?

Tantra meditation session is about you accessing your vital life force, realizing what is holding you back so that you can embody your power to your fullest potential. The essence of tantric teaching is to know yourself, to enjoy your body as the temple of self, to embrace your contradictions and emotions so you can relate with others from your center with love. You bring awareness to the way you relate to your body, to your senses, your feelings, your heart and to your soul.

You will bring meditation into your relationship with your body, to feel it from inside, becoming more flowing, more permeable and natural.

(i) Pure Awareness Practices
“Who am I, or what am I?” The truth is seeing that you are essence through which the thoughts and states of personality pass. This state is the witness, the presence, the ground of being. It is you as essence, you as the totality, you as unity, you as pure consciousness. You, as pure awareness, remain eternal.

The witness is that part of you that is outside the ego – outside the play of polarities, observing life from a neutral place. As you discover this, you begin to experience real freedom, because you see that life as change, comes and goes, and is the play of existence unfolding before us. You begin to know your own immortal soul by not being so hung up in the drama of your life. This is the beginning of real freedom in your consciousness and is a great accelerating of your Self-discovery journey.

(ii) Somatic (Body) Practices
Discovering our true existence is most important and fundamental of our human journeys. For awakening and full realization of Self, is to enter into the limitless world of the Soma (body). Based on the most advanced teachings of Vajrayana Tantra Tibetan Buddhism (Dzogchen), “true spiritual realization, authentic enlightenment, is found in the body and nowhere else.” The body is not only the temple of enlightenment but also the one and only gateway to knowing, touching, surrending into, and identifying with the Totality of Being. This is what enlightenment truly means.

The great challenge in our busy world is to stay connected with ourselves — with our bodily felt experience, our living wisdom, our sensitivity and our depth. Establishing a strong somatic presence and awareness is (i) to come to and into the body and attend; (ii) to open our consciousness into the interior wakefulness that is going on under the surface; (iii) to connect with the inherent, self-existing wakefulness that is already present within the body itself; and (iv) to live and guide that awareness down into the depths of our actual body and our actual life, here and now.

Somatic Practices show us how to come with attention to the body (mindfulness) and then surrender into that somatic arena, opening ourselves to what the body wants to show us, what it wants us to know (awareness). This meditative consciousness is accessed through the spontaneous feelings, sensations, visceral intuitions, and felt senses of the body itself.

The body knows experiences in a very different way from our logical mind, the body beholds things directly – direct perception without the interpretations of our thinking mind. Somatic practice is a way of looking at our life from the inside, to set aside the thinking mind and turn our attention to learn to see from within the body – into the shadow of the body. This practice of meditation when the body rather than the mind, becomes the fundamental arena of meditation practice.

(iii) Energy-Spiritual Awakening Practices
Tantric Kriya Yoga prepares the body for Kundalini awakening to organically arise in the spine. When Kundalini awakens, it releases the flow of energy up the spine and through the energy centres of the body. The purpose of this powerful practice is to free up the movement of prana (energy) through the body and subtle channels to support the awakening of higher states of consciousness. It allows us to experience new states of consciousness, such as deep awareness, bliss, peace, and intuition.

This basic creative life energy – our life force energy – can be experienced as open, free, powerful, full of potential; or this very same energy can be experienced as dark, contracted, stuck, anxiety, loss of control, ‘dark night of the soul’, suffering, difficult psycho-physical states, spiritual crisis. As consciousness brings forth unconscious patterns, in a spontaneous (that is, not intended by you) effort to clear out your old way of imagining who you are and how you ought to be, whatever arises for you, is a spiritual process. The subtle energy is impulsively helping the body release stress and old conditioning that needs to be seen and released so it can no longer impact consciousness. This is the process of discovering ourselves and our lives. Not just the parts we like, but the totality of who we are, because it all have their unique lessons to reveal. Awakening is messy.

(iv) Rose Alchemy Somatic Practice
Rose Alchemy Somatic Practice blends Tantra philosophy, movement, visualization, breath, centering, expansion and contraction to connect you with your subtle creative pulse to recover the joy to move and play with your inner child, and to dance with your inner masculine and inner feminine. Gradually, blockages and resistance dissolve and lead you back to wholeness. More Info Here

(v) Sacred Heart Practices
In addition to mindfulness and awareness practices, awakening the Sacred Heart Practices is to look from the subtle energetic center located in the center of the chest instead of looking out from the eyes and the head — and not just to look, but to listen, feel, and sense from the Heart. In grounding in the heart, we will practice consciously inhabiting the subtle body — our innate capacity to feel and know ourselves from within.

The emphasizes is on the cultivation of wisdom through the view and experience of emptiness (shunyata), wakefulness, fearlessness, openness, gentleness, stillness, silence, courage, transparency, honesty, compassion (karuna), loving-kindness(maitri) toward yourself and others, the Buddha nature, in which all phenomena are said to arise naturally and spontaneously and seen to be unbounded, inexhaustible, indestructible, ungraspable, and profound. In recognizing our true nature as this fullness of Being, we can integrate these practices into our daily life, and rest from all seeking and effort, and just be who we are; thereby transforming each moment of our lives into the path to enlightenment.


  • Understand the essence of Tantra
  • Connecting to source energy
  • Learn Tantric breathing
  • Understand how to cultivate different types of energy in your body
  • Circulate energy from the base of your body throughout your entire body
  • Experience freedom of self expression
  • Explore the fear of feeling and uncover your true nature
  • Increasing your sensitivity by feeling more
  • Claiming your pleasure
  • Getting to know your body
  • How to cultivate a daily meditation practice