Do you want an intimate relationship, but instead you feel lonely and disconnected with your partner, or you can’t find the partner of your dreams? Is there too much distance or drama in your relationship? Is anger or withdrawal tearing you apart? Would you like to experience deeper intimacy and spiritually fulfilling connection with your partner? How often in your life have you felt that magical feeling of deeply connecting with another? Are you willing to address the difficult stuff that stands in the way of your intimate relationship? How can you integrate the feminine and masculine energies inside yourself, and move from relationship based on co-dependency to one based on wholeness, true companionship, abundance and co-creation?

In the depths of our souls we have an intense desire for love and connection with others. But why are love, connection, and intimacy so elusive? This is because many people are not strong enough to love: they don’t feel safe enough in themselves to risk loving another. Our disconnection from each other is driven by the extent to which we react defensively whenever our fears of rejection and engulfment are triggered.

Relationship inevitably touches us profoundly. Deep emotions or our own unresolved issues may get touched, our buttons may get pushed, painful unresolved emotional conflicts from the past may come up, continually stirring us up against things in ourselves that we cannot stand — all our worst fears, neuroses, and fixations. Understanding each other’s core vulnerabilities and healing these fears, will give us a new perspective on our relationship – that leads to compassionate connection.

Gradually we began to discover that our souls had their own intentions in drawing us together to the relationship. Soul Heartered Relationship takes on a larger purpose beyond just survival or security, but we are in each other’s lives to catalyze growth. It is the perfect way for us to wake up, to discover that the unloved, unclaimed potential of our own soul (unconscious aspects of our Self) is that part of our own Being which is waiting to be discovered, confronted, and finally embraced through the encounter with the other.

Soul-Hearted Relationship empowers us to embrace the unknown by becoming co-creators of our reality. The difficult challenges that we encounter in relationships are invitations to open ourselves to the sacred play of the known and the unknown, the seen and the unseen, and the larger truths born out of intimate contact with the great mystery of life itself. It is an evolutionary path – so that we can work with our blind spots in a more compassionate way; and a sacred path – helping us heal our alienation from other people, from ourselves, and from the depths and heights of life as a whole.

Areas of focus include:

(i) Creating Compassionate Connection

  • Learn how to create a safe inner space where you can work with and overcome your fears of rejection and engulfment
  • Liberate your heart from the our intimacy blocks holding you back from a loving, passionate and liberating intimate relationship
  • Explore core beliefs about love and relationship and ready to work through whatever is in the way
  • Identifying and transforming limiting beliefs and debilitating patterns in your relationships
  • Release old emotional wounds, heal from past hurts, betrayal, darkness, and pain
  • How to lovingly resolve past or present conflicts, opening new levels of trust, commitment, and love
  • Strengthen communication from a place of non-judgment, deep listening and reverence
  • Learn how to create safe relationship space to speak your heartfelt truth about yourself, where intimacy and passion will flourish and love will endure
  • Integrate loving yourself and the wholeness of who you are
  • Shift from me-centered to we-centered to our being-centered
  • (ii) Transcending Polarities & Balancing inner feminine and masculine energies

  • Learn what is in the way of emotional connection, and sexual intimacy and passion
  • Shift from judgement to curiosity and honoring each other’s uniqueness
  • Understanding the law of duality and noticing polarities
  • Discover how your ego identifies with who you are and who you are not, what you are attracted to and what you are repulsed by, what you desire and what you fear, and how to move beyond that
  • Develop a practice for integrating the polarities in the subconscious
  • Cultivate the inner freedom to embrace those life experiences that you have rejected (what you have labeled as bad/undesirable), entering into them fully when they present themselves
  • Learn how to meet each others needs without losing your authentic self
  • Understand how relationships are a spiritual practice
  • (iii) Projections and Integration of the Shadow in Relationship

  • Develop a keen understanding of the unconscious, the conscious and the deep masculine and feminine
  • Discover how the deepening of your anima and animus – your inner masculine and inner feminine is being mirrored in your outer relationship life
  • Explore your shadow – both the light and dark, from anything hidden to everything that you have not claimed
  • Discover that each person you fall in love with is mirroring to you an aspect of yourself that you have not fully owned
  • Face unconscious aspects of each other that trigger one another and bring in awareness on how to grow and learn from this
  • Explore the power of embracing your sexual shadow
  • Transform your inner and outer relationship life
  • Become more open to deeper and more authentic connections
  • Experience more energy, more intimacy and more fearlessness in your life