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A moment with christina

A moment with Christina

My name is: Christina I’m known for being: an entrepreneur, an inspirer, a healer, a tantra teacher, a spiritual coach… How did you discover your passion and find your specific calling? After creating Earth Sanctuary Day Spa for 4 years for healing and rejuvenation, I was asking myself what can I offer that can bring deeper healing. Then in 2004/2005 by divine guidance, the importance and the timeliness of this wisdom: to “go with the flow” came into my life ...
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What is a genuine Tantra Massage

What is a genuine Tantra Massage? How different is Tantra Massage from other massages?

Tantra massage in our system is a profound deepening experience of the inner self. It emphasizes the feeling and moving of energy in the body, even more on the raising of the energy up the entire body. In Tantra massage, there are integral boundaries of clarity and integrity as trust is essential for surrender to happen. Holding a safe, sacred space helps to anchor the receiver’s witness, and to mirror without engaging or reacting to the energy or emotions that ...
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Tantra quotes from Osho

Tantra Quotes from Osho

“The staircase has two ends: on one end it is the lowest, on another end it is the highest. So tantra and yoga are not opposites – complementary. Yoga is the primary, the basic, from where you have to start. But then one should not cling. A moment comes when one has to transcend yoga and move into tantra; and finally you have to leave the whole staircase – yoga and tantra both. Alone in yourself, deep in rest, one ...
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