Tantra Sacred Sexuality sessions not only assist you to create and circulate your most potent life force energy throughout your body, in the process you begin to release blocks consciously and unconsciously stored in your body.

These sessions are also excellent when you are seeking clarity on what it is you want to start creating and work through what may be holding you back (fear, sabotage, procrastination, the ‘safe’ options). We will explore any stagnant or limiting areas that are blocking this so that you can transform it. Embodying these changes at a physical level, emotional level, and energetic level, beyond just the mind. You then ground these changes into the real world so you can truly become free from your past and move forward from a place of power rather than force.

You will begin to discover and awaken to your soul purpose, unlock your unique gifts for powerful manifestations and have breakthroughs in deeper levels of your sacred sexuality.

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Sexual Shadow Work can be awakening and empowering, as you will come to realize that the shadow of your sexuality is an expression of the unconscious. It is that which keeps you from being able to engage with sex in full presence, consciousness and love.


Premature ejaculation, loss of erection, vaginismus and vaginal pain, loss of sexual desire, sexual trauma, sexual taboos, body armouring.


Pornography habits, sexual fantasizing, dangerous attractions, love addiction, sexual obsession


Sexual Healing is not just about healing of sexual abuse, specific sexual difficulties. It goes far beyond that. It is about releasing your body armoring of shame, guilt, suppression and fear around sexuality, exploring and healing any emotional wounding in a safe space and unlocking the full potential of your sexuality.


De-armoring men with sexual difficulties: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed or inhibited ejaculation, low libido, difficulty with orgasm, difficulty with connecting from heart and consciousness.


De-armoring women with sexual difficulties: Lack of sexual desire, difficulties becoming sexually aroused or achieving orgasm, suffered trauma, vaginismus, pain or absence of pleasurable sensation during intercourse, hypersensitivity, insufficient lubrication, decreased arousal, decreased clitoral, fear, shame or guilt around sexuality and your body temple, body image issues, detachment from your physical body, irregular menstruation, hormonal imbalances, menopause.

Explore learning Tantric De-armouring Massage – it is an emotional release therapy for the transformation of consciousness through releasing the unconscious blocked energy stored as armouring (emotional wounds) in your body.


Tantra Massage is an energetic and healing bodywork that will take you and your beloved into the tantric dimension of your sexuality and spirituality. It focuses on the alignment of body, mind & emotions, soul and spirit through various energetics, bodywork, touch, rhythm, eye contact, communication, meditation, heart connection and heartfelt intention.

You learn how to get in touch with your own body and the way it contacts your partner through touching in a very loving and present manner, allowing your trust to open up gradually at the most appropriate pace for you. While at the same time moving energy through the body, entering its mystery, with reverence and tenderness, opening the body up to new dimensions of bliss. This puts you in touch with the unknown, which is the essence of conscious touch – always moving into the unknown. An energetic dance unfolds spontaneously and creatively honoring the sacred being in you and your partner.

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