“Tantra is the path to sacred love – to see and have a direct experience of all of life and its energies as divine manifestations. From this point of view, Tantra means energy, meditation, acceptance, unity of opposites, totality, and celebrates the weaving of techniques for expansion, transcendence, freedom and love. It is a sacred exploration to finding your own truth, in deep communion with yourself.” ~ Christina Nikolovski

What is Tantra?
The word Tantra has many meanings, depending on the context.

Tantra is a life approach that honours everything that we are, as divine. Carl Jung is known for having said, “I’d rather be whole, than good.” Each Tantra methods will unlock one ore more aspects of who we are, giving us a window to see and experience our divinity. Through the practice of the teachings, we can enter the depths of our being, thus discovering our wholeness.

Each human being carries an inherent potential to know bliss, love, ecstasy, and expanded states of consciousness. In Tantra, methods of meditation, somatic awakening, dance, massage, self-inquiry, and psycho-spiritual are all used to support us in awakening our true purpose and discovering our true potential in all dimensions of life simultaneously.

The unfolding of the human person through the many stages of our life, and our spiritual development, are not two separate things. Spiritual practice and everyday life are not separate. They are one and the same. It is in those aspects of our fully embodied, ordinary, human lives that the most important discoveries occur and our true spiritual journey can unfold.

These private tantra coaching sessions are for both men and women and offer you an opportunity to understand, awaken awareness within and transform your relationship with yourself, others and life itself. You will gain insight and be illuminated towards the practice of loving yourself and those around you in a manner that is deep, true and loving and embracing self-awareness, personal growth, spiritual awakening and lasting transformation as your path. You begin to experience yourself as becoming more of a human and entering life more fully.

Sessions begin with creating a sacred space of conscious connection, presence and intimacy, utilizing various tantric techniques and embodiment methods to help you understand and transform your limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior and move you beautifully into integrating new conscious healing and awakening processes into your body. Each private session unfolds both in time and energetics at a pace that totally honors you – no matter where you are at. Every session is unique and different, tailor made to suit your individual needs and interests.

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