Tantra Sacred Sexuality sessions not only assist you to create and circulate your most potent life force energy throughout your body, in the process you begin to release blocks consciously and unconsciously stored in your body.

These sessions are also excellent when you are seeking clarity on what it is you want to start creating and work through what may be holding you back (fear, sabotage, procrastination, the ‘safe’ options). We will explore any stagnant or limiting areas that are blocking this so that you can transform it. Embodying these changes at a physical level, emotional level, and energetic level, beyond just the mind. You then ground these changes into the real world so you can truly become free from your past and move forward from a place of power rather than force.

You will begin to discover and awaken to your soul purpose, unlock your unique gifts for powerful manifestations and have breakthroughs in deeper levels of your sacred sexuality.


  • Circulate energy throughout your entire body
  • Connect to your sensual body, free from external stimulus
  • Connect with your beloved with presence
  • Open to more intimacy in your relationships
  • Learn what true intimacy means
  • Balance your inner masculine and feminine sexual energies
  • Create and hold sacred space for yourself and your beloved
  • Be guided through healing and empowering meditations
  • Feel safe to unleash your deepest desires
  • Rekindle your dormant sexual fire
  • Open to your sexual-spiritual wholeness
  • Feel greater aliveness, vitality and radiance in your body, heart and spirit
  • Rekindle passion in live, love and intimacy
  • Share profound sexual intimacy with another


Lying at the core of the tantric practice is the cultivation of energy – of how a man channel his life force energy to enhance his sexual pleasure and intimate connection with himself and his Beloved.


  • Building energy, expanding pleasure
  • Moving beyond standard orgasm to mastering orgasm without ejaculation
  • The distinction between orgasm and ejaculation for men
  • Male Full Body Orgasm, Male Multiple Orgasm, Extended Orgasm
  • Ejaculation Control and how it can be achieved
  • Sexual energy cultivation for personal transformation and spiritual growth
  • Learn to experience excitement not in the form of tension and need or expectation, but as openness and flow
  • Relax into excitement and allow it to expand into the whole body and beyond
  • Voicing your pleasure
  • Ability to communicate your desires
  • Moving beyond the mind
  • Learn how to ground yourself while connected with your heart
  • Reconnect with your beloved with unwavering presence
  • The secret to having your partner desire you more
  • The knowledge and tantric tools for becoming a more powerful Divine Masculine Self
  • How to be an invitation to your woman so she welcomes more intimate exploration
  • How to assist and support your woman in re-awakening her feminine sensuous energy


Are you longing for deeply satisfying sexual fulfillment? Have you felt a loss of sexual desire? Are you experiencing robotic sex that leaves you drained or disinterested? Do you feel separation from your sexuality or sexual partner? Have you felt blamed or shamed when you feel like you’re “not enough”?

You will learn to embrace more of your divine feminine (Shakti) energy and learn how to use your sexual energy and orgasmic life force for transformation. You’ll find that you have more love, joy, connection, and energy for everything in your life through the tantric teachings on love and discover love as a real path.


  • Awaken your divine feminine power from within to experience your radiant Self
  • Stand in your female strength and learn to live from within
  • Learn to experience your deepest potential and expression in your body
  • Come home in your body and experience your body as a temple
  • Explore what may be causing blockages in your physical, emotional and energetic body
  • Feel a deep intimacy and safety with and in your body, essence and all of life
  • Feel alive and juicy – clear the blocks to full aliveness in your body
  • Discover your feminine rhythm that brings you even more to your true nature
  • Establish the connection to your womb
  • Awaken your heart through healing the yoni and womb
  • Jade Egg Practice*
  • Overcome disconnection from femininity and body image issues
  • Unlock the doors to your sexual awakening
  • Open to more pleasure and surrender in lovemaking and in life
  • Learn the different types of orgasms you can experience
  • Learn longer and deeper orgasms including the G-spot and other deep internal orgasms
  • Full Body and Multi-Orgasmic States of Being
  • Awakening G-spot, Sacred Spot Massage, and Female Ejaculation
  • Support your partner in slowing down and being truly present
  • Assist your man in the rediscovery and circulating of his sexual life force energy

*Jade Egg Practice
This is a mindfulness practice for women that involves activating and strengthening various muscles inside of the vagina, pelvic floor and lower abdomen. She learns to focus on her sexual sensations and connection to her own body while developing sensitivity and awareness. This Jade Egg Taoist practice can offer healing for sexual trauma, post-partum, abortion and miscarriage; sexual hormones balancing, menopause challenges, painful menstruation, painful intercourse, pelvic and vaginal pain, low-libido or dryness.


Tantra embodiment couples sessions bring clarity and understanding to many aspects of your relating together, remove the blocks of deeper intimacy, and explore new ways to meet each other, on a deeper, more meaningful level. When the potential to move beyond the old, familiar and stuck ways of relating is unlocked, fresh energy, love and passion can emerge.

Embark upon a sacred journey together to reignite the magical spark of your relationship, and to create a whole new depth of unconditional love, intimacy and consciousness through various principles and techniques.


  • Liberate your heart from the intimacy blocks holding you back
  • Open more deeply to your authentic self
  • Learning how to meet each others needs without losing your authentic self
  • Learn how to be compassionately intimate with yourself and your partner
  • Rediscover and unleash your passion at any age or stage of your life
  • Take your relationship to a whole new level of bliss and ecstasy
  • Understand how sexuality and relationship are a spiritual practice
  • How to reach new levels in your sexual experiences
  • What tantric sex is and how to use energy during lovemaking
  • Have longer, deeper loving with increased presence and enhanced sensation
  • Expand orgasmic energy by stimulating the flow of life-force through the body
  • Multi-orgasmic couple – how both men and women can achieve multiple orgasms together
  • The power of sexual transmutation
  • Explore your fears, shadows, boundaries and desires together