What is a genuine Tantra Massage


What is Tantra? How should it be practiced? What are the results?
The practice of Tantra is considered to be the highest and most rapid path to enlightenment.
Tantra includes a vast range of practical teachings leading to the expansion of human consciousness and the liberation of primal energy.

Tantra contains the knowledge and many techniques that use our most fundamental life energy for increased self-awareness to expand mind, body and consciousness. You will learn many techniques to increase the energy and bliss you can feel in your body, to find the key to the mystery within and to merge with the Source.

This Course in Tantra, is a practice of Inner Journey. Only when you consciously enter into your body, it provides a way to come closer to what is spiritual within you.
You are on a journey inward, to awaken you to who you are in your essence.

How much energy do you allow to penetrate you, to expand in you, to make its way through your body, your sex, your emotions, your love towards your whole being? How much energy do you allow to penetrate and free yourself from old patterns, therefore manifesting your beautiful authenticity and oneness?

  • The Psychology of Tantra
  • Tantric Practices for Self-awareness & Opening your senses
  • Somatic Practices
  • Tantric Breathwork
  • Meditating with the Body
  • Tantric Kriya Yoga
  • True Meaning of Groundedness
  • Techniques for Grounding
  • The Embodiment of Awakening
  • Subtle Body, Chakras, Nadis (Ida and Pingala), Prana, Awareness
  • Developing a Tantric Practice

      Do you wish you had more energy to help get you through the day? Does the idea of having full body orgasms appeal to you? Do you dream of having a more fulfilling sex life?

      Using Tantric principles and embodiment practices that access our primordial energy force – sexual energy – you learn to access your infinite potential, activate your energy to create the life you yearn for and increase your energy to create vibrancy and vitality in all aspects of your life.

      Tantric orgasm is an explosion of consciousness. We become one with all that is, or sense that the whole universe is in us. We experience power, aliveness, vitality, energy and radiance in our body, heart and spirit. We awaken to a softer, more surrendered and loving heart, in the fullness of our sexual pleasure and spiritual surrender.

    • Tantra for Individuals
    • Awakening Sexual Energy
    • The Art of Tantric Orgasm
    • Awakening Full body Energy
    • Kundalini Awakening
    • Different ways to explore your sexuality
    • Energy Orgasm
    • Energy Transmutation
    • Sexual Healing to release traumas, blockages, tension


      Anyone who has a sincere interest to explore Tantra, sacred love, and self-empowerment. Anyone who is willing to take a honest look at themselves and a deep desire to know themselves. Anyone who feels a soul connection to do this kind of work together, consciously recognising that they can serve as a spiritual catalyst for one another.

      TANTRA TRAINING LEVEL 1 BASIC COURSE is a prerequisite for any of the advanced courses.


      5 January 2020, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm

      5 April 2020, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm

      5 July 2020, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm

      4 October 2020, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm


      6 HRS


      S$350 one person. S$300 early bird (one month before course starts). S$600 two people (save $100).

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      • This program is for men, women, singles and couples
      • You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course.
      • If you have further questions regarding group programs, explore by following this FAQS link

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