Tantra training programs are curated so that people interested in Tantra, Spirituality, Conscious Love, Intimate Relationship and Sacred Sexuality can meet, continue the Tantric practice that they have learnt to grow and support each other on this path of sacred love and higher consciousness.

TANTRA TRAINING LEVEL 1 BASIC COURSE is designed to give you step-by-step guidance for developing a daily tantric practice (Sadhana) to awaken your energy, to bring awareness in your body and open to unconditional presence and love. You get to practice many wonderful techniques of meditation and enjoy the Tantra spirit together. Format: Talk 5%, Meditation Practices (solo, partner) 90%, Q&As 5%

TANTRA TRAINING LEVEL 1 BASIC COURSE is prerequisite: if you have already taken the basic course, you don’t need to repeat it and can go directly to Tantric Sacred Sexuality and Heart of Tantra Massage Training Courses.

ADVANCED COURSES are created to give you a deeper experience, an encounter with yourself, of opening into new and unknown aspects of yourself. Each participant have the opportunity to ask questions and receive shifts, tools, processes and sharing with many beautiful loving people. Format: Talk 30%, Practices through meditations, discussions, inner work (solo, partner or group) 40%, Q&As 30%

6 December 2020, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm


Tantra contains the knowledge and many techniques that use our most fundamental life energy for increased self-awareness to expand mind, body and consciousness. You will learn many techniques to increase the energy and bliss you can feel in your body, to find the key to the mystery within and to merge with the Source.

How much energy do you allow to penetrate you, to expand in you, to make its way through your body, your sex, your emotions, your love towards your whole being? How much energy do you allow to penetrate and free yourself from old patterns, therefore manifesting your beautiful authenticity and oneness?

  • The Psychology of Tantra
  • Tantric Practices for Self-awareness & Opening your senses
  • Somatic Practices
  • Tantric Breathwork
  • Meditating with the Body
  • Tantric Kriya Yoga
  • Developing a Tantric Practice

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20 December 2020, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Tantric Sacred Sexuality

Awakened conscious sexual energy can transform your experience into a more sensual, loving and fulfilling one. It is about connecting with your partner on an emotional and a spiritual level. It is the union of the female and the male energies present in the body, for forming a spiritual connection.


Tantra Sacred Sexuality not only assist you to create and circulate your most potent life force energy throughout your body, in the process you begin to release blocks consciously and unconsciously stored in your body.

  • Feel alive and juicy – clear the blocks to full aliveness in your body
  • Rediscover and unleash your passion at any age or stage of your life
  • Take your relationship to a whole new level of bliss and ecstasy
  • Open to more pleasure and surrender in lovemaking and in life
  • Understand how sexuality and relationship are a spiritual practice
  • What tantric sex is and how to use energy during lovemaking
  • Have longer, deeper loving with increased presence and enhanced sensation
  • Multi-orgasmic couple
  • Beyond Sex : The power of sexual transmutation

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8 November 2020, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Heart of Tantric Massage

Tantra Massage helps you to get in touch with your own body and the way it contacts your partner through touching in a very loving and present manner, allowing your trust to open up gradually at the most appropriate pace for you. While at the same time moving energy through the body, entering its mystery, with reverence and tenderness, opening the body up to new dimensions of bliss. This puts you in touch with the unknown, which is the essence of conscious touch – always moving into the unknown. An energetic dance unfolds spontaneously and creatively honoring the sacred being in you and your partner.

  • Tantra Massage – the teachings and techniques
  • Principles of attentiveness, connectedness & oneness
  • The sacred principles of healing, presence, deep love and compassion
  • Go deep within to discover the peace and love in your heart
  • Expand your awareness of self and attune yourself to the life force energy around you
  • Feelings of timelessness, oneness, completeness and unity with the divine
  • Learn the approach behind moving energy without touch
  • Learn how to induce intense pleasure, as well as how to surrender into powerful orgasmic states
  • Allow this beautiful experience to open your heart and to change your life

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27 December 2020, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm


In our age, there is massive confusion as to what masculinity and femininity means. Tantra regards the masculine and feminine as the primary polarity to be integrated within us. In order for the integration to happen, we need to become conscious of both – our anima and animus – our inner masculine and inner feminine – and the intricate dance between them.

As most of us have discovered, the happiness we find with another never quite lives up to our fantasy. Over time, however, we discover that there is a Soulmate who is within. Inside us, we are both masculine and feminine. When these two dimensions of our being become conscious in us through their relating with each other, a whole new world of possibilities opens. Our fullest potential is found in the weaving and balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within ourselves.

  • Three Levels of the Masculine and Feminine.
  • Principles and practices for deepening your relationship with these different levels of masculine and feminine in your inner life.
  • Explore and embrace your shadow – both the subconscious masculine and feminine, the light and dark, from anything hidden to everything that you have not claimed. (Shadow Work)
  • Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine (Inner Marriage) – a return to wholeness and oneness in which masculine and feminine energies are joined in harmony within.
  • To integrate both the masculine and feminine energies by living in the heart, from our true center of Being, with the fullness of our body, heart and consciousness.
  • Become more present and fully inhabit yourself, your body, your feelings and emotions, and your life.

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15 November 2020, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm

inner child

Healing Your Inner Child can help you find the courage to stop running away from the pain that keeps you emotionally trapped and encourage you to reconnect with you inner child, providing you with a safe and non-judgmental space to explore, express and work through your painful feelings from the past. In this acceptance, the child will find its true home, the place were you reconnect with trust, emotional wounds will heal, and you will unfold in your uniqueness.

  • An understanding of what your inner child is
  • How your inner child affects your life
  • How to connect to your inner child
  • Connect With Your Original, Pure, Innocent Child
  • Connect With Your Wounded Child
  • Connect With Your Divine Guidance
  • Re-parenting Your Inner Child
  • Releasing Limiting False Beliefs
  • Heal The Wounds of Your Past
  • Heal Your Relationships
  • Learn to Love Yourself
  • Finding Freedom from Your Inner Conflicts

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28 November 2020, Saturday 12:00pm – 6:00pm


In awakening your feminine essence, you will learn to experience and embrace the full potential of your inner divine feminine (Shakti) energy. You will discover your feminine rhythm that brings you even more to your true nature as you establish the connection to your womb. Combining the power of sound, movement, and mindfulness, this inner journey of nurturing, healing, and exploring the feminine nature, blends Tantra philosophy, pelvic-opening movement, womb meditations, breathwork, visualizations, and self-inquiry questions.

  • Letting the Shakti Lead
  • Dissolving Resistance
  • Womb Consciousness
  • The Womb Mandala
  • Enter the Spiral to Reclaim Your Power
  • Living from the Womb-Heart

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When it becomes natural for us to own our emotions no mater what they are, instead of denying them, instead of going into reaction and drama, then we begin to access a very special place that lives deep within us. We are here to embrace our darkness and to transform it.
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This is an awakened heart-centered path of living the Love that we are. It is about being present to live from our true center of Being, our authentic nature, with the fullness of our body, heart and consciousness, in a sense of profound openness, aliveness and total acceptance, through the depths and heights of life as a whole.

When it becomes natural for us to own our emotions no mater what they are, instead of denying them, instead of going into reaction and drama, then we begin to access a very special place that lives deep within us. We are here to embrace our darkness and to transform it.

13 December 2020, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm


What am I living for? What on earth am I here for? How to unlock my hidden potential and live the life I am meant to live? How do I find this path? How do I know whether I am developing and manifesting my highest self? How can I become aligned with my highest qualities; my unique gifts and my true light?

Everyone on earth has a purpose for being here. Understand and discover your soul’s purpose and desires by harnessing your own energies, talents and gifts, to embrace who you truly are, deep inside. Find the boundless possibilities that comes with self-acceptance of your authentic self, and discover your soul’s purpose that awaits you.

  • Getting to know Yourself as a Soul
  • Subconscious Mind is Power of the Soul
  • Understanding the Journey of the Soul is Higher Consciousness
  • Shifting from your Conditioning and Ego to Living from your Soul Essence
  • Realize your purpose is simply to be fully engaged in this moment, and surrender to the consciousness of life itself
  • Recognise and open to presence as effortless being , as the eternal “I am,” in stillness, spaciouness and energy
  • Unfolding your purpose through actions in alignment with the timeless present
  • Three States of Consciousness
  • Understand how to utilise Yoga Nidra to discover your life purpose for awareness and self-empowerment
  • Understand the subtler, deeper meaning of Yoga Nidra – to purify the Samskaras, the deep impressions that are the driving force behind Karma.
  • Draw Upon the Power of Intention to Find your Life Purpose
  • Discover what you came here to do, Fulfil your Potential and Live as your Authentic Self
  • Accessing the Power of Your Subconscious Mind to remove unwanted habits or patterns
  • Transform Scarcity into Abundance for Manifesting

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Private Sessions

Christina offers private sessions in a space of openness and tenderness, and invites you to look at yourself with compassion.
She offers change of perception and the gift of the true vision.
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