Tantra training programs are curated so that people interested in Tantra, Spirituality, Conscious Love, Intimate Relationship and Sacred Sexuality can meet, continue the Tantric practice that they have learnt to grow and support each other on this path of sacred love and higher consciousness.

TANTRA TRAINING LEVEL 1 BASIC COURSE are designed to give you step-by-step guidance for developing a daily tantric practice (Sadhana) to awaken your energy, to bring awareness in your body and open to unconditional presence and love. You get to practice many wonderful techniques of meditation and enjoy the Tantra spirit together. Format: Talk 5%, Meditation Practices (solo, partner) 90%, Q&As 5%

ADVANCED COURSES are created to give you a deeper experience, an encounter with yourself, of opening into new and unknown aspects of yourself. Each participant have the opportunity to ask questions and receive shifts, tools, processes and sharing with many beautiful loving people. Format: Talk 30%, Practices through meditations, discussions, inner work (solo, partner or group) 40%, Q&As 30%

8 WEEKS MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is a small group mentorship program for those wishing to work closely with Christina, and is offered primarily to assist those who are realizing that the world is their classroom and that their spiritual awakening, deepening and practice is happening simultaneously with living and working in the world.

Who Can Attend The Tantra Programs?

  • The programs are open to individuals and couples, all genders and sexual orientations, and are clothed affairs. The programs incorporates sexuality but there will be no nudity or sexual interaction
  • You will not be asked to unclothe for any of the activities in the programs.
  • Activities are individual, partnered and group
  • It is not required to have a partner to take the programs. And although the training programs generally have even numbers of men and women, if you come without a partner, we cannot guarantee you will be provided one.

If you haven’t attended any of the trainings before, please do TANTRA TRAINING LEVEL 1 BASIC COURSE first.

Numbers are limited to enable me to hold a deep space for participants.

If you would like to submit questions ahead of time and to book your space for the programs, to enquire, or for more information: email