In a typical private coaching session, Christina offers the following:

  • Holding a neutral witness and heart-centered listening

    I hold a safe, sacred and non-judgmental space for you to express yourself freely. I am here to help you anchor your witness, to help you feel grounded, and to mirror to you what you need to see about your process.

  • Awakening using Tantra principles, tools and techniques to explore, identify and give insights

    I help you understand, transform and heal the root cause of your negative emotions, limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior that cause pain and sufferings/problems in your inner and outer relationships. I examine your ideas of survival, safety and protection that came from a decision somewhere in your life, and help you to realize these unconscious choices you have made, thereby releasing you from your past patterns.

    We use breath, body movement, dance and bodywork to loosen your body’s armoring and uses the basic life energy to bring more awareness to yourself and to your relating patterns and to transform them and to find the key to the mystery within.

  • We explore masculine/feminine polarities in a space of integrity and safety, as a means to tap into your vital life force to help you break free from fears, self sabotage and self doubt, to heal your shame-based false beliefs and to unleash your creativity in the world.

    Utilizing a holistic and integrative mind, body, spirit approach when facilitating your healing process, I support you in awakening, connecting within and transforming your relationship with yourself, others and life itself. Includes Tantra techniques, embodiment practices, inner child work and shadow work.

  • Finding the luminous core of truth within yourself

    By clearing and healing states of negativity and limitation that keep you stuck in your ego, we shine a light on these shadow aspects of your consciousness. You enter into a place of greater self-awareness, of reconnecting with your higher self, wisdom, intuition, truth and love that is sometimes hidden within. I help you hold your witness while spirit works through you for the best possible learning experience and stepping into your soul purpose. You awaken to your true, illumined and brilliant nature—which is love.

  • Guiding and assisting you in owning your process

    I help you with each issue that surface during the session, guiding you to see all the issues as an aspect of yourself to avoid blaming or projecting. You discover the power resources within you and your approach towards issues of life and towards others changes. You allow the challenges to be seen as opportunities.

    We will create homework and self practice which includes processing, relating, journaling, meditating, completing and reviewing the homework and exercises each week. All these will move you beautifully into embodying and integrating new conscious awakening processes into your body and truly living what we touch upon in the sessions.