Consciousness / Freedom / Love / Meditation / Celebration / Surrender / Sacred / Expansion / Transcendence / Oneness

Love is who we are, our true nature and essence that lies in the core of our being. In the highest reality, we are Beings of Love. Love is the greatest transforming power, our experience of Spirit. As we have become separated from Source with our ego (false self) made of patterns of thoughts, behaviours and emotions to protect ourselves, we have to learn how to meet the spiritual challenge of our time: to realize our sacred humanness.

Love is the meaning of our existence. Love is the only Teacher and the lessons of Love are the most significant in our lives. Every human heart has the capacity and the destiny to bring that world of divine reality into this world of appearances. In cultivating a knowing heart, we are able to perceive all that is beautiful, lovely, and meaningful in life—and offer insights that are especially valuable for our life in today’s world and to reflect these spiritual qualities in the world, for the benefit of others.

Tantra teachings and techniques are designed to help us awaken and purify the heart, to learn to listen to our deepest knowing. We learn to experience a new sense of self, transform our relationships, enhance our creative capacities, and gain a deeper wisdom and connection to our soul.

This is an invitation to awaken ourself. We are here in this human existence to awaken. To wake up to our totality, to all of who we really are. It is about becoming conscious of who and what we are. Our spiritual journey occurs while we learn how to inhabit our human existence fully and thoroughly – by not separating ourselves and withdrawing from our life, our body, our sexuality, our emotions and relationships.